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Reliable and Feature Rich. They were bought out by Yahoo in December of After Yahoo dropped Google and rolled out their own search technology they continued to offer a paid inclusion program to list sites in their regular search results, but Yahoo Search Submit was ended at the end of Pay per click ads allow search engines to sell targeted traffic to advertisers on a cost per click basis.

Typically pay per click ads are keyword targeted, but in some cases, some engines may also add in local targeting, behavioral targeting, or allow merchants to bid on traffic streams based on demographics as well.

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Pay per click ads are typically sold in an auction where the highest bidder ranks 1 for that keyword. Some engines, like Google and Microsoft, also factor ad clickthrough rate into the click cost. Doing so ensures their ads get clicked on more frequently, and that their advertisements are more relevant. A merchant who writes compelling ad copy and gets a high CTR will be allowed to pay less per click to receive traffic.

In an year-old college dropout named Scott Banister came up with the idea of charging search advertisers by the click with ads tied to the search keyword. He promoted it to the likes of Yahoo! The person who finally ran with Mr. Banister's idea was IdeaLab's Bill Gross. Overture, the pioneer in paid search, was originally launched by Bill Gross under the name GoTo in His idea was to arbitrage traffic streams and sell them with a level of accountability.

John Battelle's The Search has an entertaining section about Bill Gross and the formation of overture. John also published that section on his blog. Gross knew offering virtually risk-free clicks in an overheated and ravenous market ensured GoTo would takeoff. While Overture was wildly successful, it had two major downfalls which prevented them from taking Google's market position:. Those two faults meant that Overture was heavily reliant on it's two largest distribution partners - Yahoo!

Google AdWords launched in The initial version was a failure because it priced ads on a flat CPM model. Some keywords were overpriced and unaffordable, while others were sold inefficiently at too cheap of a price. In February of , Google relaunched AdWords selling the ads in an auction similar to Overture's, but also adding ad clickthrough rate in as a factor in the ad rankings. Affiliates and other web entrepreneurs quickly took to AdWords because the precise targeting and great reach made it easy to make great profits from the comfort of your own home, while sitting in your underwear :.

Over time, as AdWords became more popular and more mainstream marketers adopted it, Google began closing some holes in their AdWords product. For example, to fight off noise and keep their ads as relevant as possible, they disallowed double serving of ads to one website. Later they started looking at landing page quality and establishing quality based minimum pricing, which squeezed the margins of many small arbitrage and affiliate players.

Google intends to take the trackable ad targeting allowed by AdWords and extend it into other mediums. Google has already tested print and newspaper ads. Google allows advertisers to buy graphic or video ads on content websites. On January 17, , Google announced they bought dMarc Broadcasting , which is a company they will use to help Google sell targeted radio ads. The goal is to help make local ads more relevant by getting more small businesses to use AdWords.

On March 20, , Google announced they were beta testing creating a distributed pay per action affiliate ad network. On March 4, Google announced their content targeted ad network. Google adopted the name AdSense for the new ad program. AdSense allows web publishers large and small to automate the placement of relevant ads on their content.

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Google initially started off by allowing textual ads in numerous formats, but eventually added image ads and video ads. Advertisers could chose which keywords they wanted to target and which ad formats they wanted to market. To help grow the network and make the market more efficient Google added a link which allows advertisers to sign up for AdWords account from content websites, and Google allowed advertisers to buy ads targeted to specific websites, pages, or demographic categories.

Ads targeted on websites are sold on a cost per thousand impression CPM basis in an ad auction against other keyword targeted and site targeted ads. Google also allows some publishers to place AdSense ads in their feeds, and some select publishers can place ads in emails. To prevent the erosion of value of search ads Google allows advertisers to opt out of placing their ads on content sites, and Google also introduced what they called smart pricing.

Smart pricing automatically adjusts the click cost of an ad based on what Google perceives a click from that page to be worth. An ad on a digital camera review page would typically be worth more than a click from a page with pictures on it. Google was secretive about its revenue share since the inception of AdSense, but due to a lawsuit in Italy Google feared they would be stuck disclosing their revenue share, so they decided to do so publicly for good public relations on May 24, Search Marketing is the rebranded name for Overture after Yahoo!

As of September their platform is generally the exact same as the old Overture platform, with the same flaws - ad CTR not factored into click cost, it's hard to run local ads , and it is just generally clunky. In Microsoft launched a keyword driven ad program called keywords, but shut it down after 2 months because they feared it would cannibalize their banner ad revenues. Microsoft AdCenter was launched on May 3. While Microsoft has limited marketshare, they intend to increase their marketshare by baking search into Internet Explorer 7.

On the features front, Microsoft added demographic targeting and dayparting features to the pay per click mix. Microsoft's ad algorithm includes both cost per click and ad clickthrough rate. Microsoft also created the XBox game console, and on May 4, announced they bought a video game ad targeting firm named Massive Inc. Eventually video game ads will be sold from within Microsoft AdCenter. Search engine optimization is the art and science of publishing information in a format which will make search engines believe that your content satisfies the needs of their users for relevant search queries.

SEO, like search, is a field much older than I am. In fact, it was not originally even named search engine optimization, and to this day most people are still uncertain where that phrase came from. Early search engine optimization consisted mostly of using descriptive file names, page titles, and meta descriptions. As search advanced on the page factors grew more important and then people started trying to aim for specific keyword densities.

One of the big things that gave Google an advantage over their competitors was the introduction of PageRank, which graded the value of a page based on the number and quality of links pointing at it. Up until the end of search was exceptionally easy to manipulate. If you wanted to rank for something all you had to do was buy a few powerful links and place the words you wanted to rank for in the link anchor text. On November 15, Google began to heavily introduce many more semantic elements into its search product.

Researchers and SEO's alike have noticed wild changes in search relevancy during that update and many times since then, but many searchers remain clueless to the changes. Search engines would prefer to bias search results toward informational resources to make the commercial ads on the search results appear more appealing. You can see an example of how search can be biased toward commercial or informational resources by playing with Yahoo! People continued to spam blogs and other resources, largely because search engines may still count some nofollow links, and largely because many of the pages they spammed still rank.

Since Google has came out with many advanced filters and crawling patterns to help make quality editorial links count more and depreciate the value of many overtly obvious paid links or other forms of link manipulation. Older websites may be given more trust in relevancy algorithms than newer websites just existing for a period of time is a signal of quality.

All major search engines use human editors to help review content quality and help improve their relevancy algorithms. Search engines may factor in user acceptance and other usage data to help determine if a site needs reviewed for editorial quality and to help determine if linkage data is legitimate. Navigational or branded search queries may be used as a key signal to authenticate if a site's link profile was manufactured or authentic.

Sites which people repeatedly seek out by name are sites which generally provide a good user experience. Google engineer Matt Cutts frequently comments that any paid link should have the nofollow attribute applied to it, although Google hypocritically does not place the nofollow attribute on links they buy. They also have placed their ads on the leading Warez site and continued to serve ads on sites that they banned for spamming. Shopping has also been known to be a big link buyer. If that was true, it wouldn't make sense that Google is teaching SEO courses, which they do.

In many verticals search is self reinforcing, as in a winner take most battle. Not only is the distribution and traffic stream highly disproportionate, but many people tend to link to the results that were easy to find, which makes the system even more self reinforcing, as noted in Mike Grehan's Filthy Linking Rich. A key thing to remember if you are trying to catch up with another website is that you have to do better than what was already done, and significantly enough better that it is comment worthy or citation worthy.

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You have to make people want to switch their world view to seeing you as an authority on your topic. Search engines will follow what people think. Google's corporate history page has a pretty strong background on Google, starting from when Larry met Sergey at Stanford right up to present day. By January of , Larry and Sergey had begun collaboration on a search engine called BackRub, named for its unique ability to analyze the "back links" pointing to a given website. Afflicted by the perennial shortage of cash common to graduate students everywhere, the pair took to haunting the department's loading docks in hopes of tracking down newly arrived computers that they could borrow for their network.

A year later, their unique approach to link analysis was earning BackRub a growing reputation among those who had seen it. Buzz about the new search technology began to build as word spread around campus. BackRub ranked pages using citation notation, a concept which is popular in academic circles. If someone cites a source they usually think it is important.

On the web, links act as citations. In the PageRank algorithm links count as votes, but some votes count more than others. Your ability to rank and the strength of your ability to vote for others depends upon your authority: how many people link to you and how trustworthy those links are. In , Google was launched. Sergey tried to shop their PageRank technology, but nobody was interested in buying or licensing their search technology at that time.

In Google also launched their popular Google Toolbar. Google gained search market share year over year ever since. In they retooled the service, selling ads in an auction which would factor in bid price and ad clickthrough rate. On May 1, , AOL announced they would use Google to deliver their search related ads, which was a strong turning point in Google's battle against Overture. In Google also launched their AdSense program, which allowed them to expand their ad network by selling targeted ads on other websites.

Google used a two class stock structure, decided not to give earnings guidance, and offered shares of their stock in a Dutch auction.

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In addition to running the world's most popular search service, Google also runs a large number of vertical search services, including:. However that statement includes many things outside of the traditional mindset of search, and Google maintains that ads are a type of information. This other information includes:. In addition to having strong technology and a strong brand Google also pays for a significant portion of their search market share.

Google also builds brand exposure by placing Ads by Google on their AdSense ads and providing Google Checkout to commercial websites.

Google Pack is a package of useful software including a Google Toolbar and software from many other companies. At the same time Google helps ensure its toolbar is considered good and its competitors don't use sleazy distribution techniques by sponsoring StopBadware. Google's distribution, vertical search products, and other portal elements give it a key advantage in best understanding our needs and wants by giving them the largest Database of Intentions.

They have moved away from a pure algorithmic approach to a hybrid editorial approach. In April of , Google started mixing recent news results in their organic search results. After Google bought YouTube they started mixing videos directly in Google search results.

Since the Florida update in Google has looked much deeper into linguistics and link filtering. Google's search results are generally the hardest search results for the average webmaster to manipulate. Matt Cutts , Google's former lead engineer in charge of search quality, regularly blogged about SEO and search. Google also has an official blog.


Google also helps webmasters understand how Google is indexing their site via Google Webmaster Central. Google continues to add features and data to their webmaster console for registered webmasters while obfuscating publicly available data. For an informal look at what working at Google looked like from the inside from to you might want to try Xooglers , a blog by former Google brand manager Doug Edwards.

In October of Google attempted to manipulate the public perception of people buying and selling links by announcing that they were going to penalize known link sellers, and then manually editing the toolbar PageRank scores of some well known blogs and other large sites. These PageRank edits did not change search engine rankings or traffic flows, as the PageRank update was entirely aesthetic. This has caused many SEO professionals to chase after servicing large corporate clients, as talent tends to follow the money. For many years they outsourced their search service to other providers, considering it secondary to their directory and other content features, but by the end of they realized the importance and value of search and started aggressively acquiring search companies.

In addition to building out their core algorithmic search product, Yahoo! On March 20, Yahoo! On December 9, , Yahoo! Answers , a popular free community driven question answering service. On July 2, , Yahoo! On July 29, , Yahoo! In Yahoo! Over the years Yahoo! The role of the general purpose web portal was relegated to irrelevancy through the combination of:. Verizon announced they were acquiring the Yahoo! In MSN Search was launched, but Microsoft did not get serious about search until after Google proved the business model. Until Microsoft saw the light they primarily relied on partners like Overture, Looksmart, and Inktomi to power their search service.

They launched their technology preview of their search engine around July 1st of They formally switched from Yahoo! MSN announced they dumped Yahoo! On September 11, , Microsoft announced they were launching their Live Search product. On June 1, , Microsoft launched Bing , a new search service which changed the search landscape by placing inline search suggestions for related searches directly in the result set.

For instance, when you search for credit cards they will suggest related phrases like. Microsoft released a Bing SEO guide for Webmasters [PDF] which claimed that the additional keyword suggestions helped pull down search demand to lower listed results when compared against the old results 6 through 10 when using a single linear search result set.

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Conversely, the Google format tends to concentrate attention on the top few search listings. While Yahoo! One would be foolish to think that there is not a better way to index the web, and a new creative idea is probably just under our noses. The fact that Microsoft is making a large investment into developing a new search technology should be some cause for concern for other major search engines.

Through this course of history many smaller search engines have came and went, as the search industry has struggled to find a balance between profitability and relevancy. On October 5, Bill Gross the founder of Overture and pioneer of paid search relaunched Snap as a search engine with a completely transparent business model showing search volumes, revenues, and advertisers.

Snap has many advanced sorting features but it may be a bit more than what most searchers were looking for. People tend to like search for the perceived simplicity, even if the behind the scenes process is quite complex. Some early search pioneers have tried to reboot search, but most these efforts have failed to gain a sustainable marketshare. Cuil was heavily hyped but quickly bust. Gigablast was founded in by Matt Wells.

They are an open source search engine which has quietly existed for nearly 2 decades. Gabriel Weinberg founded DuckDuckGo in But, get this Common says he's actually glad this whole incident happened Playboy Playmate Lauryn Elaine came home to a frightening situation that only got worse Lauryn noticed her front door was busted in when she got home at PM Wednesday in North Hollywood and, when she entered, 2 men came out of her bedroom and one out of her brother's. We're told the men had masks on their faces, and one pointed a gun at her at demanded she open her safe.

We've obtained video of the aftermath It looks like the suspects ransacked every room, overturned furniture, smashed a mirror on a closet door and busted up the floor. Our sources say cops are looking for any video in the area to help them identify the masked intruders. Antonio Brown says he was in his feelings when he claimed he was quitting the NFL I love football and I miss it. I'm determined to make my way back to the NFL asap".

AB just posted a rant on social media implying the NFL treats black players unfairly -- and advises fantasy football owners to finally abandon hope of him coming back. Brown continued Brown had a change of heart after that tweet and has been training like a maniac to get back in the league -- but now it seems he's ready to move on AB is accused of raping his former trainer, Britney Taylor , at his Florida home back in It's been about two months since they kicked off the investigation But, Brown is finally ready to have the meeting with league officials Don't expect it to spell the end of Brown's time as a free agent, though NFL Network's, Ian Rapoport , says next week's meeting will likely be the first of several in the case.

Brown has vehemently denied Taylor's allegations , saying through his attorney in September, "Any sexual interaction" between Taylor and Brown "was entirely consensual. Antonio's been working out like a maniac despite the investigation He said climate change would have been enough, but this Friday's demonstration also focuses on war and the military -- 2 subjects he and Ben have strong feelings. As we've reported Jane has been arrested each of the past four Fridays as part of her climate change crusade, and her arrest last week resulted in her spending a night in the slammer. Ted Danson and Sam Waterston are some of the other celebs who have already been arrested alongside Jane, and Jerry explains why Fonda's able to inspire others to join the cause.

Chris Brown 's massive yard sale attracted a huge crowd looking for great deals on high-end and vintage items A woman, who says she bought a hoodie at the Wednesday sale at Brown's Tarzana, CA residence, claims when she got home and checked the pockets The weed canister is labeled "Panda Smoke" As we told you The event also went down without incident Law enforcement officials have told us they met with Brown's rep to go over the rules of throwing a big garage sale The suspect is year-old Ibraheem Yazeed of Montgomery -- the same man from the Chevron surveillance video where Aniah was last seen.

The Auburn P. Cops believe Yazeed, was at the same location Blanchard was last seen and is involved in taking Aniah against her will. Police in Alabama have released surveillance video of a "person of interest" who could be connected to the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard, stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris. The year-old woman was last seen on Oct. Two days later, cops found her vehicle at an apartment complex in Montgomery, with significant damage around the front.

Officials say Blanchard may be the victim of foul play. Now, the Auburn P. Important to note the man in the video is NOT considered a suspect at this point -- but officials are calling on anyone with info to contact the Auburn Police Division Detective Section at , the anonymous tip line at , or the hour non-emergency number at Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. Joy took offense to the accusation and denied it. FWIW, Joy admitted in she had dressed as a "beautiful African woman" at a Halloween party when she was 29, and yes Junior emphasized his point that "we've all done things that we regret"