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Henry County is located in south central Virginia. The County Seat is Martinsville and the largest city is Ridgeway. The population estimate is 52, and the census population was 54, The land area is The total number of firms, at last estimate, was 2, If you find a broken link below, please use the Report a Broken Link form to let us know.

Official government website of Henry County, Virginia. Searchable index of the Henry County code of ordinances. Virginia Circuit Courts case management system online access to Henry County court records. Henry County Board of Supervisors online Minutes. Please use the Report Broken Link form if any of the above resources do not connect. Search Free Public Records.

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Free Public Records at SearchSystems. Search Systems Premium Criminal Records. Will books were used to record probate proceedings, including will copies, inventories, appraisements, guardianships, appointments, and sales of estate assets. The library and the FHL both have books on microfilm for records before You can find a list of library holdings for each county at. Sometimes they are in poor condition. Published abstracts and indexes exist for many early Virginia will books. Many of these can be found at the Library of Virginia and the FHL, as well as in other libraries across the country.

You can check the websites for each library to see which publications they carry. The Family History Library and Library off Virginia also have some searchable indexes to chancery court orders on microfilm. Probate Records Research. Virginia has extensive tax records that are often forgotten by family researchers. There were three types of tax during the colonial period: the quitrent, the parish levy, and the poll tax.

The quitrent was a tax on land. In Virginia, a quitrent was paid to the English crown by landowners living south of the Rappahannock River. The Public Records Office in London keeps a original, incomplete list of landowners for the region. Although it has been published several times, the publications have not always been reliable. The Library of Virginia also keeps some original rent rolls and some facsimiles.

The parish levy supported the church. It paid the ministers, maintained the lands of the parsonage, and helped the poor in the parish. This tax was paid by all tithables see below. This amount was paid by each tithable. In , a tithable was a male over sixteen years old. In , all agricultural workers were added to this group. All males and African-American females who were at least sixteen were added. In , the state added imported male servants of any age to the list. In , the definition was rewritten to include free males who were sixteen or older, imported male and female African Americans, imported white male servants, and male and female African American servants.

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In , the state added white women who worked in agriculture. However, those who had a large number of servants or slaves began to complain, and the definition was revised again in This time the tax was levied on Virginia-born male slaves who were twelve and older, imported male servants at fourteen years of age, and nonwhite women and free males who were sixteen or older.

In , the laws were revised again. From this revision until , tithables included all males and nonwhite females who were sixteen and over.

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In , the wives of nonwhite free males were added to this list. There is no single, comprehensive source for early tax lists; however, pieces have been published in Virginia genealogical literature. Virginia periodicals often contain tax lists. The Library of Virginia has some original lists and facsimiles, and some can also be found on microfilm through the FHL.

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After the Revolutionary war, the tax system changed. Beginning in with some revisions in , land and personal property was taxed. If you are researching the origins of a family that moved from Virginia, a valuable source that will save time is the tax lists of Schreiner-Yantis and Love, The Census of Virginia see Census Records. Tax Records Research. Immigration records can hold important information. In Virginia, the naturalization records normally consist of a petition for citizenship with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, a petition with the local court clerk, and a Certificate of Naturalization.

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Many of these records are at the National Archives; but earlier immigrations will be in the local court where the naturalization occurred. The first settlers in Virginia came from the midland and southern counties of England, and they settled on the coastal plain. Some of the colonists were connected to Barbados.

In , the first blacks arrived as indentured servants. However, in , when slavery was in its early years, a large number of blacks were imported. Eventually, some moved to the Piedmont in the west; newer immigrants from England and Scotland also settled there. During the early eighteenth century, French Huguenots and German workers arrived. The Huguenots were seeking religious freedom, and the German workers came to work in the iron furnaces.

Later in the century, Virginians began to move westward to other states and territories. Immigration to Virginia from other countries was rare after However, few passenger lists still exist. There are many published resources that include immigration information. Indentured servants and transported convicts were often sold from docks along the Rappahannock and Potomac rivers. When researching, it can be difficult to determine if a Colonial Virginian was an immigrant.

Some can be identified by headrights, especially before , but these need to be interpreted carefully. Other sources exist from Colonial times that describe individuals as indentured or convict servants. Sometimes military records, especially pensions, will indicate an overseas birth. Headright patents can be found abstracted and digitized at the Library of Virginia. The Virginia Colonial Records Project was completed by scholars who traveled to Europe to search archives for references to Virginians. The library has many of their records on microfilm.

Immigration Records Research. Virginia contains 95 counties and 39 independent cities, which are considered county-equivalents for census purposes. There are several counties and cities which have the same name, but are separate politically.

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  6. Each county is the local level of government within its borders. The links in the table below link to county and city government offices and is limited to government-maintained websites. If you know of a Virginia county that has an official government web site but is not linked, or if the link is in error, please contact us so we may edit our database. Virginia State Government is located in Richmond. Virginia Court Records Virginia courts are courts of record, like most courts in America. The result of extensive research in county courthouses, municipal and state archives, and private collections, most of the abstracts were based on the earliest records known to exist.

    Virginia Court Record Books amazon. Virginia Land Records The original charter given to the Virginia Company included provisions for land grants. Virginia Probate Records Civil courts on the county level handle estate records in Virginia, unless it is an independent city, where the circuit court hears probate cases. Virginia Tax Records Virginia has extensive tax records that are often forgotten by family researchers. The definition of a tithable changed a few times during the colonial period.

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