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To obtain a transcript, you will need to contact the court with jurisdiction over your particular case s for certified documents. Skip to main content. Search Search.

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With that fact firmly in mind, please further note that you may freely access TORIS criminal history data about yourself or someone else. Search results should list full details regarding both misdemeanor and felony arrests, as well as final case disposition for each incident.

However, several exemptions to full disclosure do exist. Perhaps the prime examples are prior arrests or convictions previously expunged by court order.

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A common secondary complication arises when criminal records contain data that could pose serious danger to law enforcement personnel, witnesses, confidential informants or even the subject themselves. In such instances, the requestor may still obtain a redacted criminal record, from which all sensitive data will have been deleted. Otherwise, except for any above-listed such glitches, expect a full TORIS report to arrive via email shortly after you finish entering required search criteria.

Visitors under the age of 18 may visit an inmate spouse. A marriage certificate and photo identification is required.


Dress Code Visitors wearing prohibited attire will be denied. Adding Money to an Inmate's Account Money orders will be accepted through the mail and posted to the inmate's account.

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  2. Defendants who are arrested and taken to jail are normally booked shortly upon arrival.;
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  6. The money order should be made out to the correct detention facility and include the inmate's name and booking number. We accept all forms of money orders but postal money orders are preferred. Bank cashier checks will be accepted and posted only after verification has been made by the bank.

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    We do not accept cash or personal checks. Cash deposits to an inmate's account can be made in person at the appropriate facility. You must have the exact money amount, as change cannot be given.

    We do not accept coins. Send a Care Package to an Inmate sanbernardinoca. Click Here to Shop for an Inmate Online.

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    Other forms of bail, including equity in real property, may be accepted by the court but not by the jail California Penal Code sections Please be aware that posting bail for an inmate does not guarantee his or her release.