How to find a family in need

Much of our work is on the phone, writing letters and emails, and researching on the internet.

We also draw on support from The Salvation Army churches and social centres in the UK and around the world. Our first contact with the person sought is often made by letter with an assurance that personal information will not be disclosed to any other party unless permission is granted. They will be told the identity of the person seeking contact with them, and they will be given options for contact. If there is hesitation about having direct contact in the first instance, relatives may correspond via the Family Tracing Service until trust is established.

Training & Consultancy

Whatever the decision of the person sought, this will be fully respected. Every case is different and searches can take anything from a few days to a number of years to complete. We cannot guarantee that we will be successful in finding your relative, but will of course let you know as soon as there is news to report, whatever the outcome. Because of data protection legislation and the confidential nature of our work, we are unable to provide details of our tracing procedures, and will not disclose the whereabouts or other personal details of people we locate without first obtaining their consent.

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands, or live in a country where there is no Salvation Army representation, details of your request can be sent to this office. If you live outside the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, contact should be made with The Salvation Army in your own country of residence details can be found on The Salvation Army International website. This procedure applies even if the person sought is thought to be living in the United Kingdom.

If you wish us to make enquiries on your behalf please download and print our application form. Hi there! We hope this profile will give you a glimpse of who we are--from our serious to fun sides--and insight into the kind of parents we would be to a child. We admire the courage, strength and love you have for your child and can't imagine the immense amount of emotions you may be navigating as you consider the options ahead of you. We know it must be an overwhelming process to look though someone's profile and wonder if it could be a good fit for your child.

We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and we are grateful to you for considering us as possible adoptive parents for your baby. Please know we admire the strength and courage it takes to create an adoption plan. We were introduced through a mutual friend at work. The first time for us to meet was at church. David claims our first date was to see a movie. Christi, however, tends to disagree as it was a free movie showing sponsored by our employer!

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We noticed very early on that we liked the same activities, had similar interests, shared the same faith and enjoyed each other's company. Right now we are probably goofing off with our dogs, out on a run, cooking a delicious dinner, or possibly hard at work. We hope to someday soon learn all about you and the hopes and dreams you have for both you and your baby. We are Brian, Ally, and Audrey. First of all, we want you to know that you are a good parent.

How to Help a Family in Need When You Don’t Have Money to Spare

Being a good parent comes with hard choices. If you feel that making an adoption plan is the right thing for you and your child, we know you are choosing that with love and selflessness. We hope you know that too!

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  5. Adoption has been in our hearts even before our daughter was born. Through family and friends we have seen so many examples of adoption being a blessing for everyone. We know we can not show you everything in our hearts and our lives, but hopefully this profile helps give you an idea! Right now the thoughts and questions you have can be overwhelming.

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    While making an adoption plan, you have options. No matter where you are living in the United States, we are here to help you.

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