How to choose background check company

What if the new employee you are about to entrust with your payroll accounts has a history of embezzlement? Conducting legal, careful pre-employment background checks is a prerequisite to a successful hiring process, and thus, properly conducted background checks are the only way to future-proof your personnel.

Confidence in Your Hiring Process

When it comes to conducting employment background checks, hiring companies have two options. The first option is to conduct the background checks themselves via websites that allow you to perform your own search. The next, and perhaps the best option is to hire the services of a background check provider to handle the entire process for your company. These include:. There are other factors that you need to consider before you begin the process of a background check. For instance, the timing of your screening process.

According to legal experts, the employer should wait until the job offer is made.

Background checks: What can companies access about me?

Here are a few considerations to make before you settle for a provider. Employment background checking companies vary greatly on the types of checks performed on an individual. A good background check service provider should be able to provide education and employment checks, criminal background checks, credit records, drug testing, litigation records, and driving records.

Take your time and look at the background of your background screening service options. You can easily tell that a company is passionate about what it does by looking at how well they are established in that particular industry. A good provider should be known for their excellence within the industry. The laws governing the employment screening process are not only countless but also ever changing.

How to Choose a Background Check Company

Your background screening process should be able keep up with shifting regulations to protect your workforce and avoid lawsuits. Choose a company that can keep up with your hiring volume when you are on a hiring spree.

How Much Do Employment Background Checks Cost?

This provider should be able to run hundreds of these checks without compromising turnaround time or accuracy. The company should be able to handle high and constantly varying number of checks in a given time frame. Some background checking services are limited by their service area or location. The service area is extremely helpful when conducting background checks internationally or on a large scale. If this is important to you, find a company that provides it.

To guarantee best practices in an ever-changing legislation, ensure that a background company belongs to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. What information will your new employer learn on your background check? Still, finding out what a future employer will see on your background report makes sense.

Typical employment background checks include the following personal information:. Yet you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. You may have been a victim of identity theft, or you might share a name and even a birth date with someone who has a shady reputation.

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You can discover some of that with a simple Google search. Running your own background check is a more comprehensive way to take control of your job search. Finding out about any errors gives you the opportunity to correct the information. And half of all employers surveyed say they disqualify applicants who lie. Still, not all discrepancies are intentional.

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Dates of employment may be open to interpretation. For example, suppose you started as an independent contractor for a company, then went full-time.

You might list your start date as the date of your initial contract. Your former employer might list it as the first day of your full-time employment. If your alma mater or previous employer provides different details than you, that raises questions about your honesty. Running your own background check enables you to make sure that the information you provide is complete and accurate. If you know that an infraction might show up on your report, learning exactly what information your future employer will see is a good idea.

Background Check Software

Running your own background check lets you do just that. Alerting the hiring manager to any incidents that appear on your background report gives you the power to tell your story in person, rather than letting the documents speak for you. Hiring managers are likely to have a better view of candidates who explain their record before the background check reveals it.