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Dell Inc. Delta Air Lines, Inc. Dai Nippon Printing Co. GMO Registry, Inc. Contact dupont. Jacob Williams Interlink Co. Sunshine 60 Bldg. Bishop Michael C. Turner Sr. The woman said during the four weeks in February and March that she worked at the church, Turner, 61, repeatedly assaulted and harassed her in his private office, the copy room and the elevator. She said she was frightened to tell anyone because she was afraid of him and afraid of losing her job. Contrary to popular mythology, the Vatican is hardly a sprawling bureaucracy comparable to, say, the roughly three million people who work for the federal government in the United States.

In such a small world, personnel is always policy: Choices about who gets the most important jobs inevitably drive how decisions are made. As of today, almost three-quarters of the officials who lead important departments are still hold-overs from the reign of emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. A priest in the French Basque country was accused of sexually assaulting a teenager on Wednesday and a former monk was to appear in court on Friday in ongoing revelations of paedophilia in the French Catholic church. Lyon Archbishop Philippe Barbarin is currently under investigation for allegations that he covered up cases of sexual assault on minors in his diocese.

The mother of the alleged victim filed a case for sexual assault on her son in the s against a priest in Bayonne on Wednesday and he has been relieved of his functions. In a letter published on the diocese's website Bayonne Archbishop Marc Aillet said he had notified the legal authorities of the case on 15 April and promised to cooperate with the investigation. The priest has already tried to commit suicide twice - once after being investigated for allegedly molesting his nephew on a camp in Poland, the other time during a scandal over the molesting of a teenage girl in He went into therapy after that attempt and on arriving in the diocese Archbishop Aillet met him and assigned him to tasks that did not involve contact with children, according to his letter.

The final tranche of reports from the national safeguarding board is expected to be released next week, The Irish Catholic understands. The few exceptions who have not yet been reviewed include some religious orders whose exclusively female memberships are aging and declining in numbers, and who have no ministry with children, as well as a small number of religious orders currently subject to investigation under the Northern Ireland Historical Inquiry.

Reports by the board into child safeguarding practices within these orders cannot be produced publicly until after the Northern inquiry has reported its findings, which will happen next year. Amongst other things, the document aims to redress a perception that a priest who is accused of abuse is treated unfairly. These concerns have been particularly evident when a priest has been stood aside, forced to leave his home and months, or even years later, is found to have no case to answer.

I can say without fear of contradiction that the Catholic Church in Ireland is now governed by some of the strictest policies and procedures in the country when it comes to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. In parishes and communities up and down the country there is a veritable army of volunteers charged with implementing safeguarding policies — it has, in fact, been one of the largest lay-led initiatives in the Catholic Church in Ireland in decades.

Literally thousands of Catholic parishioners have volunteered their time and energy to ensure that the Church is a safe environment. Monseigneur Aillet commence par placer le contexte. A priest in south-western France has been accused of sexually abusing a minor, the latest in a long line of alleged paedophilia in French churches. It was the mother of the victim who spoke out, claiming that her son - the nephew of the priest - was abused two decades ago. The assaults allegedly occurred in Bayonne, in south western France, when the victim was a teenager.

Bayonne Bishop Marc Aillet pictured below , who is known for his conservative positions and leading a crusade against abortion, said in an open letter to his diocese on Wednesday said he had reported the matter to the Bayonne prosecutor. The report reviews the activities and statistics of AIF for the year Furthermore, international cooperation of the Vatican competent authority with its foreign counterparts to fight illicit financial activities has been intensified.

Additional Memoranda of Understandings with competent authorities of other jurisdictions were signed and the exchange of information on a bilateral level has increased significantly. VATICAN CITY - The Vatican's financial watchdog says it received reports of suspicious financial transactions last year, thanks in large part to beefed-up efforts to flag potential tax cheats who are using the Vatican bank to hide money. In its annual report, the Financial Information Authority said Thursday it passed 17 cases on to Vatican prosecutors for possible investigation, up from seven a year earlier.

In December, European evaluators urged prosecutors to actually bring charges in some of those cases since no indictments have been handed down. Since , 36 out of suspect transactions have been forwarded to prosecutors for possible follow-up. The watchdog agency revealed the statistics with the release of its fourth annual report Thursday. Nun wurde sie entfernt. A former Christian Brother who abused children at a Geelong orphanage has admitted to a dozen charges of indecently assaulting young boys. William Stuart Houston worked at St Augustine's in the 's. He left the Christian Brothers in the 's.

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The County Court yesterday lifted a supression order that had prevented the media from identifying the year-old. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's sentencing. He pleaded guilty to breaking banking law while trying to pay someone millions to conceal sexual abuse. Prosecutors contend the abuse occurred while Hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach decades ago, but too much time had passed to bring charges for the abuse. Mayathula-Khoza said the actions of Pastor Fezile Gxokwe of Mount Olive Church of Poortjie in Sedibeng were an indictment to gains achieved so far with freedom of women.

A Pennsylvania judge on Wednesday ordered three Franciscan friars to stand trial on charges they endangered boys by assigning a fourth cleric they knew to be a sexual predator to work at a Catholic high school in the s. No date for the trial was set. The three are accused of enabling Brother Stephen Baker, a member of their order, to sexually assault numerous boys at Bishop McCort High School in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. According to testimony, they assigned him to jobs where he would have contact with boys despite knowing he was an active pedophile.

Baker committed suicide in The details of the case are infuriating. Whether or not the school is technically in violation of Title IX remains to be seen, but the school is clearly violating the spirit of the law in a way that does untold damage to rape survivors and makes future rapes more likely. A petition with more than , signatures is calling for the school to amend the honor code to afford amnesty to the victims of sexual assault.

The BYU honor code is far more restrictive than most other university codes. Created by BYU students in , it forbids students from drinking, using drugs, wearing tight clothing, gambling, drinking coffee, homosexual conduct, engaging in premarital sex, or being in the bedroom of anyone of the opposite sex. Code violations may lead to expulsion. The problem? This code is on a collision course with Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination at any schools that receive funds from the U.

Title IX requires that sexual assaults be counted and investigated; it certainly does not contemplate that any young woman fighting to protect her civil rights will be tossed out of her school for violating an honor code, a threat that is clearly antithetical to the promise and goals of Title IX. The aforementioned online petition was launched earlier this month by year-old BYU student Madi Barney, who reported last September that she was raped in her off-campus apartment by a man who is not a BYU student.

According to police documents, the alleged attacker, Nasiru Seidu, admitted to Barney during a phone conversation that he had raped her. He now claims the sex was consensual. After agonizing for four days over whether she could report the assault and afford to be charged with an honor code violation, Barney went to the police and not the university. Seidu was arrested in September and is awaiting trial. Both her alleged attacker and Randolph were charged with witness retaliation, but the charges were later dropped.

Opposition to trans bathroom access is perhaps most pronounced among evangelical Christians, a group whose inability to deal with sexual abuse in their own communities rivals that of the Catholic church. Evangelicals claim they oppose trans bathroom access because of the threat this access poses to women and children. Why, then, are they so quick to turn a blind eye to the abuse of women and children in their own communities?

For decades, Christian homeschool families overlooked warning signs and allowed Bill Gothard to maintain his leadership position in IBLP and his contact with and control over the teenage girls he hired as his personal secretaries.

November - Recent News | - National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

The IBLP Board of Directors was aware that Gothard had crossed lines and done things that were inappropriate and yet they took no action. There was a time I thought such abuses were rare, perhaps confined to more fundamentalist groups and certainly not characteristic of evangelicals as a whole. They reported that Frost would sit them on his knee, slip his hands beneath their clothes and violate them. The consequences for Frost came quickly. At trial, he was criminally charged with first-degree sexual abuse, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

They had good reason to think the church was responsible. Several of the day care workers were longtime Wooten Chapel congregants and taught Bible study at the church. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Baylor has held several opportunities for students to get involved and educated on the issue.

Although the month is ending, sexual assault awareness remains relevant. Smith said he believes it is a much bigger problem than people realize. Victims are affected for much longer than a month, and we need to be aware all the time. Smith said he is glad America is recognizing sexual assault as a problem now, but he believes sexual assault awareness had been virtually nonexistent until recently. Specifically, he cites the realization of abuse within the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts as helping open up the discussion about sexual assault. A court has turned down a request by the victims of clerical sex abuse to have their compensation case reassigned.

The accused were sentenced to five and six years in prison and were later defrocked. Their sentences were confirmed on appeal. The compensation case had been assigned to Mr Justice J. Micallef but the plaintiffs had requested the judge to recuse himself. They argued that since he was the President of the catholic Radju Maria radio station he could not be impartial. The judge had turned down the request and the plaintiffs then filed a separate constitutional application requesting the case to be reassigned.

The men claimed a breach of their fundamental right to a fair hearing. A Constitutional court has turned down a request that it order a judge to recuse himself from hearing a case asking for damages for clerical sex abuse, due to his involvement in church-related organisations. Judge Mark Chetcuti delivered the judgement in the Constitutional case filed this May by eleven victims of clerical sex abuse, after Judge Joseph R.

Micallef had turned down their request that he abstain from deciding the claim. The plaintiffs had been seeking redress after suffering abuse at the hands of priests whilst they had been children in Church care in the late 80s and early 90s. Carmelo Pulis and Godwin Scerri, both now defrocked, had been jailed, for 5 and 6 years respectively, for their cruelty and abuse against the boys in July , confirmed on appeal in November But when the subsequent civil case for damages against the Archdiocese of Malta was assigned to Mr.

Justice Micallef, a staunch Catholic and president of the Malta Radio Maria Association, the men filed a request that the judge recuse himself, citing a perceived risk of pro-church bias on the part of the judge. Micallef did not uphold their request and the men had then, in April , filed urgent Constitutional proceedings, claiming a breach of their right to a fair trial. However, Mr Justice Micallef had turned down their request to stop hearing the case, forcing the plaintiffs to file an application before another court.

The sentence had been confirmed on appeal in November Only the arrest of Penn State pervert Jerry Sandusky convinced an upstate sex abuse victim to end decades of silence about his own nightmarish abuse. Sandusky, tried and convicted in Pennsylvania, will die behind bars. The man who raped year-old Cesare in Albany lived another 20 years and died a free man, a beneficiary of New York State law. The assault inside the St. Teresa of Avila School was never addressed in its aftermath, with Cesare too humiliated to say anything until long after the statute of limitations in his case expired.

April 27, Information on the trial for dissemination of reserved information and documents, Vatican City, 27 April — Yesterday at 3. The examination of witnesses began during the hearing, which was dedicated fully to the testimony of the first, Stefano Fralleoni, who was the Accountant General of the Prefecture of Economic Affairs of the Holy See at the time of the events in question. He was interrogated by the members of the Tribunal, the Promoter of Justice and the defendants' lawyers. Finally, the report of the proceedings was read and approved. The hearing was adjourned at approximately 6.

The next hearing will take place on Thursday 28 April at 3. Posted on April 27, PM. HIS critics still claim — falsely — that Cardinal George Pell tried to save his church by covering up for paedophiles. You might call that ironic.

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PA--Judge: Trial vs. Church officials claimed they did nothing wrong because they sent Brother Stephen Baker to a doctor who essentially cleared him to stay on the job. Or they give doctors inaccurate and inadequate information about the predator. Or they pick general practitioners who know little or nothing about sexual deviants.

This is how kids will be safer, adults will recover, criminals will be prosecuted, cover ups will be deterred and the truth will surface. He assisted in several Saskatchewan parishes before going on leave in After four years in Crookston, he was sent to a hospital chaplaincy in the St. Cloud diocese. It is unclear where Gauthier spent During he was chaplain at St. Michael's Hospital in Sauk Centre, MN, except for a period when he was at a "clergy retreat center" run by the Servants of the Paraclete in Nevis. In Gauthier was charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct after he admitted to fondling a developmentally disabled man.

He fled shortly thereafter to Canada. He died in , never having been extradited to the Unites States. Gauthier's name was included on the Diocese of St. Cloud's list January 3, of clergy involved in incidents of likely claims of sexual abuse of minors. Ordained : Retired : Died : The decision comes after additional testimony in their preliminary hearing on child endangerment and conspiracy charges. The defense had argued that it's too late to file charges and that their clients did their best to supervise Baker given what they knew. Baker fatally stabbed himself in the heart days after a diocese settled claims by former high school students in Warren, Ohio, that they had been abused in the late s.

Giles A. Schinelli, 73; Robert J. D'Aversa, 69; and Anthony M. Criscitelli, 62 — Third Order Regular, Province of the Immaculate Conception, minister provincials — who are accused of conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children. The attorneys for the Franciscan leaders are expected to present their cases after the lunch recess.

A Lawton Catholic priest who previously plead guilty to sexual battery, has now been removed from his post. Judge orders Mpls. A Pennsylvania judge has ordered three Franciscan friars, including one with Minnesota ties, to stand trial on charges linked to their role supervising another friar accused of molesting scores of children. The decision comes after more testimony Wednesday in their preliminary hearing on child endangerment and conspiracy charges.

Anthony Criscitelli, who recently served at St. Prosecutors say they enabled him. The defense argued that it's too late to file charges and said their clients did their best to supervise Baker given what they knew. Four men and a woman share a house in a small coastal village.

They train a greyhound and mill around.

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  • Over time, we learn why they are there. They have committed various offenses against the church, which, as someone notes later in the film, are also crimes. The woman, Mother Monica Antonia Zegers , looks after the priests, keeps things in order — and has sins of her own. Another priest arrives, and Mother Monica explains the house rules and curfews to him. Lots of prayer and meditation, some TV and not much else, other than working with the dog.

    Monsignor Ariotti told Channel 13 RPC he made a phone call to the owner of the Nacion Communications - Sarah Cartes Group - but did not specifically request that the investigation be stopped but "to be allowed to clarify what happened. Solo en abril me pidieron aclaraciones del caso que estaban investigando. Abuse caused serious damage to the health of the victim, a child under 3 in Reconquista.

    At the same time, the journalist Paul Noah, co - author of the research, released an open letter to Pope Francis in which remarked that he hoped the pope received his complaint and take care of the matter. The journalist told the pope that the only thing he could do was banish the practice of moving accused priests and encourage people to continue fighting against the arkness which many want to keep in the church. The Union of Journalists denounced the apostolic nuncio Vatican representative , Monsignor Eliseo Ariotti, who encouraged suspension of publication because it was "inconvenient" for the church.

    The newspaper's management said there was no censorship because the series of notoes on priests who ministered in the country was published and there was the expected reaction from church authorities. En este tipo de situaciones no importan las cuestiones superfluas ni las medias verdades. AP — A former principal of a Roman Catholic high school testified Wednesday that he was never told by a Franciscan religious order that a friar he hired as a teacher had been accused of child sexual abuse.

    William Rushin spoke at the preliminary hearing of three Franciscan friars accused of allowing Brother Stephen Baker to hold jobs where he molested children or posed a threat to children. The hearing will determine whether Giles Schinelli, Robert D'Aversa and Anthony Criscitelli will stand trial on child endangerment and conspiracy charges.

    He said he hired Baker as a religion teacher and Baker eventually volunteered as an athletic trainer. When asked if he would have hired Baker had he known of the allegations, Rushin replied, "Obviously, it would have been inappropriate to have someone like that working with children. A notorious paedophile priest in Australia has pleaded guilty to historical child sex offences on the eve of his trial.

    On Wednesday, Vincent Gerard Ryan, 78, pleaded guilty to attempted homosexual intercourse with a male aged between 10 and 18, indecent assault on a male and gross indecency with a male under Ryan had been due to face a two-week trial in the Downing Centre District Court. The offences occurred in the mids in the Hunter region of New South Wales. The victim was aged between 13 and The Catholic priest, commonly known as Vince Ryan, has previously spent 14 years in jail for preying on 35 boys aged six to 14 between and He was released from Long Bay jail in Ryan's past crimes continue to throw a dark shadow onto the Diocese's present and I am terribly saddened that there is yet another child whose innocence was robbed by the sins of this man," he said.

    Michael Scott Aulsebrook, 60, of Traralgon, was found guilty of one count of rape after he fought the charge in the Victorian County Court. He has also admitted to sexually assaulting two other children. During his trial, the jury heard Mr Aulsebrook invited the boy into his office at Salesian College Rupertswood after lights-out with an offer to play on his computer, then gave his victim a soft drink that had been spiked with a sedative.

    The boy woke up on the floor while Mr Aulsebrook was raping him and pushing his face into the floor. Afterwards, Aulsebrook said to the boy: 'Get out of my sight. You disgust me'. The Latest on a hearing to decide whether three Franciscan friars should stand trial on child endangerment and other charges for their role in supervising another friar accused of molesting more than children all times local :. A lawyer for one of three Franciscan friars ordered to stand trial in Pennsylvania in a child endangerment case says there is no evidence his client did anything wrong.

    Giles Schinelli, Robert D'Aversa and Anthony Criscitelli assigned or supervised another friar accused of molesting scores of children at a Catholic high school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in the s. Attorney Charles Porter Jr. Given that, the attorney says there's no evidence of criminal intent.

    The attorneys for the other two men declined to comment after the hearing, as did all three friars. A Pennsylvania judge has ordered three Franciscan friars to stand trial on charges linked to their role supervising another friar accused of molesting scores of children. Police plan to check on protesters expected at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona Thursday, after two protests occurred in the past week. Following a heated protest at the A. Police will be making occasional checks at the seminary Thursday in anticipation of the protest, according to Capt. Kim Santos, GPD spokeswoman.

    Police have not been present at the silent protests, hand billing or prayer demonstrations hosted by the Laity Forward Movement or the Concerned Catholics of Guam at various local churches, according to Robert Klitzkie, former senator. Robert Klitzkie and members of Concerned Catholics and Laity Forward have been calling attention to Archbishop Anthony Apuron, some calling for his resignation, consistently over the past two years. Yesterday, we suggested other steps he should immediately take, steps that are frankly more important than this one about the Knights of Columbus.

    A large statewide Catholic group that met last weekend just gave a scholarship named after law, who was forced to resign because of widespread abuse cover ups. Jose Alexis Davila. We believe Oklahoma City Catholic officials buckled under public and parishioner pressure. Sadly, we predict in a few months, Fr. Alexis Davila will quietly be re-assigned to a church again. We hope that anyone in any of the four states where Fr. This case reminds us that every single person who saw, suspected or suffered child sex crimes and cover ups in Catholic churches or institutions to protect kids by calling police, get help by calling therapists, expose wrongdoers by calling law enforcement, get justice by calling attorneys, and be comforted by calling support groups like ours.

    Posted on April 27, AM. This newspaper first reported the shortfall in January of this year, but a Globe and Mail report that hit the front page April 19 has raised accusations that the 50 Catholic organizations party to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement used legal trickery to sidestep their obligations. There was in-kind payment. There was a best-efforts campaign. We did all those. This was following public outcry over his appointment. He had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge for inappropriately touching a year-old woman in The priest completed his probation requirements and the charges were dismissed last October.

    But in another statement from the Archbishop Tuesday night, he says that new information he received made it necessary to remove Father Davila from all work at Blessed Sacrament, and at the other churches he served in Elgin, Apache and Sterling. Students and parents stood silently holding signs across the street from where the Oklahoma City Archbishop was meeting with school staff about Father Davila.

    A priest who had been convicted of assault and battery for an incident with a parishioner in San Diego in and had been hired to serve churches in Lawton, Elgin, Apache and Fletcher has now been relieved of his duties by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City said in a statement: "After a continued investigation by archdiocesan staff, I became aware late Monday of new information regarding the allegations against Father Alexis Davila that made it necessary for me to remove him from pastoral work in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

    Father Davila left the archdiocese on Tuesday. The statement said that Coakley had traveled to Southwest Oklahoma to meet with concerned parishioners, parents, staff and clergy. A notorious paedophile from the New South Wales Hunter region who has already served a year sentence could be sent back to prison.

    Former priest Vincent Gerard Ryan has pleaded guilty to three charges, including an act of gross indecency and attempting sexual intercourse with a boy in He was due to face trial on seven offences but the remaining charges were dropped following his guilty plea. Bishop of the Maitland-Newcastle diocese, Bill Wright, described the guilty plea as a "small consolation". Former Salesian priest Michael Aulsebrook is now behind bars for the second time after a County Court jury returned their guilty verdict today.

    Aulsebrook was found guilty of raping an year-old boarder at Salesian College, Rupertswood, in He had lured the boy into his office by letting him play computer games, then drugged him and attacked him. A Catholic priest found guilty of raping a student at a notorious boarding school outside Melbourne has also admitted sexually assaulting two other children, it can now be reported.

    Michael Aulsebrook, 60, was on Wednesday found guilty by a County Court jury of raping an year-old boy at Salesian College Rupertswood, in Sunbury, in , when the priest was the boarding co-ordinator at the school. Aulsebrook pleaded not guilty to one charge of rape. The jury had begun their deliberations on Tuesday morning. Aulsebrook is one of a number of priests who taught at Salesian College Rupertswood who have been convicted of sexually assaulting children at the school. It is is understood that Aulsebrook is no longer practising as a priest. He has previously served time in jail for sexually assaulting a year-old boy in A Catholic priest working at a notorious Salesian College in the late s enticed a Year 7 student into his office with computer games then raped him on the floor.

    Michael Scott Aulsebrook, 60, of Traralgon, has been found guilty of one count of rape after he fought the charge in the Victorian County Court. During his trial, the jury heard Aulsebrook invited the boy into his office after lights-out with an offer to play on his computer, then gave his victim a soft drink that had been spiked with a sedative. How has Pope Francis performed?

    When the then Cardinal Bergoglio came to the papacy three years ago, no one really knew what to expect. Francis needs to reassure the faithful. The concerns three years ago were about child abuse in the clergy and corruption in the Vatican. As to the first, Francis has shown himself willing to listen to the victims and ready both to apologise and to punish the guilty. He appointed a Council of Cardinal Advisers to restructure the government, many of them outsiders.

    Francis has made dramatic changes to the IOR, the Vatican Bank, which had too often received money from criminal sources. IOR is now subject to international banking and money laundering norms. So far, so good. But Francis is such an odd incumbent of his office, people started wondering about him. He, in turn, seems to have encouraged their curiosity. Yes: he is the first Jesuit pope, after his order had been persecuted by many of his predecessors. He is the first from the southern hemisphere, indeed the first non-European since an obscure Syrian in the 8th century.

    An East Bay minister has been charged with 23 counts of sexually abusing a teenage parishioner over a three-year period. The alleged abuse occurred from September to mid and involved one victim at the two churches in which Maldonado presided as a minister, said Sgt. Dave Mathers, a detective in the Martinez Police Department. The churches were Morello Avenue Baptist Church in Martinez and the Grace Bible Church of Pleasant Hill, where church leaders and congregants, including the alleged victim, moved after the church in Martinez closed, Mathers said. Authorities have been conducting interviews to determine whether there were additional victims, said Paul Graves, deputy district attorney of Contra Costa County and the prosecutor for the case.

    This includes more than two dozen lawsuits that were filed within the last two weeks to beat Sunday's deadline to sue. Many of these cases date back to the s, but state lawmakers passed legislation twice to extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse claims. Dave Mathers. He has been charged with lewd acts with a minor, unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and sodomy of a minor. The alleged victim is now 17, police said Saturday.

    They have not released the girl's city of residence. The investigation began when the victim reported the alleged abuse April 18 to Martinez police, the agency leading the investigation. The abuse began when Maldonado was a minister and the victim was a parishioner at Morello Avenue Baptist Church in Martinez, police said. Maldonado is a former resident of Martinez. Morello Avenue Baptist Church has since been shut down, Mathers said.

    Maldonado left that church to become a minister at Grace Bible Church in Pleasant Hill in , where the victim began attending the church and the abuse continued, police said. An unnamed plaintiff has sued the Albany First Assembly church for alleged sexual abuse suffered between and Gantt and Clark were both convicted of sexual abuse in in an unrelated case that did not involve the church, and both men served time for their convictions.

    The suit does not name the men as defendants, but rather argues that the church leadership is culpable under Agency Law, which allows victims of such crimes to sue an organization because it controls the alleged offenders. The little boy who claimed to be sexually molested by a student nearly twice his age while on a Buffalo school bus with no bus aide late last year was telling the truth all along, new video evidence shows.

    Three separate sources familiar with the investigation corroborated this new development in the case. In fact, video showed the sexual abuse took place on the bus on more than one occasion, the mother said. In his testimony to the commission in March, Cardinal Pell said he was the victim of a widespread deception, lasting decades, that kept him in the dark about child abuse. He said senior church officials, including a cousin, kept details about allegations of abuse from him. The former deputy director of the Catholic Education Office says he was shocked and angry when he heard Cardinal George Pell say he was deceived by the CEO during his time in Melbourne.

    Education consultant Peter Annett was deputy director of the Archdiocese of Melbourne's education office when Dr Pell was auxiliary bishop with responsibility for education. On Wednesday he told the child abuse royal commission at one stage in the late 80s a number one priority for the office was that notorious paedophile priest Peter Searson be removed from the parish of Doveton.

    Giving evidence to the commission last month, Cardinal Pell, now a senior Vatican official, accused the Education Office of keeping from him reports of violent and sexual misconduct by the late Peter Searson. Father Searson, who sexually abused children, threatened parishioners with a gun and allegedly stabbed a bird to death with a screwdriver, was able to continue working as a priest for years despite repeated complaints about him, the inquiry heard.

    Three former Catholic education officers have denied Cardinal George Pell's claims their office deceived him about the activities of a violent and sexually abusive priest. Former Catholic Education Office director Monsignor Thomas Doyle and his deputy Peter Annett told the sex abuse royal commission of their shock, disappointment and anger on hearing Dr Pell allege the office withheld information about pedophile priest Peter Searson in the s.

    Cardinal Pell, an auxiliary bishop in Melbourne in the '80s, told the royal commission in March education officials were fearful of telling him the full story about Searson because they knew he would be "decisive" and not accept the status quo. In giving his evidence from Rome where he is now the Vatican's finance chief, Dr Pell also said he thought the education office at the time was protecting Archbishop Frank Little.

    Senior Catholic education officials have spoken of their shock and anger at Cardinal George Pell's evidence to a royal commission that staff had covered up complaints about a paedophile priest. Cardinal Pell told the royal commission last month that staff from the Catholic Education Office deceived him by failing to give a full account of allegations about Father Peter Searson.

    The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse has heard evidence that Father Searson, who died in , killed a bird in front of children, showed them a dead body in a coffin, held a gun to the heads of parishioners, threatened to stab a child and repeatedly molested youngsters during confession. Senior staff from the Catholic Education Office in Victoria strongly rejected Cardinal Pell's evidence that he was not made fully aware of Father Searson's behaviour while parish priest of Doveton in Melbourne in the s. Former deputy director of the Catholic Education Office Peter Annett told the royal commission parishioners and staff at Doveton's Holy Family school would have been "cheering from the rooftops" if Cardinal Pell, then an auxilliary bishop in the Melbourne Archdiocese, had worked to convince then-archbishop Frank Little to remove Father Searson.

    A former director of Catholic Education Melbourne has firmly denied claims by Cardinal George Pell that management deceived him about the actions of accused paedophile priest Peter Searson. Monsignor Thomas Doyle was one of four former officers of the Catholic education office to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse today. Earlier this year while speaking from Rome, Cardinal Pell accused management of the Melbourne Archdiocese of keeping him in the dark about allegations against Searson.

    The inquiry heard the Doveton parish priest was accused of sexually abusing children from the s to the s. On Wednesday the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse gave the answer: strike back hard. To recap: when Pell came to Melbourne as an auxiliary bishop in there was an erratic and violent priest called Peter Searson terrifying children at the parish school in Doveton. He hit them. They fled screaming from the presbytery.

    He packed a gun. He sat little girls on his lap during confession. He took gruesome delight in showing kids a corpse in a coffin. He stole parish funds. Consequently, we will continue to review and seek ways to improve our current procedures. Posted on April 26, PM. Everyone will create their own custom designed fused glass panels to install in a lighted lantern. The two-day workshop will be split into two Mondays, a week apart. The workshop will be offered twice; first time on Oct 28, pm and Nov 4, pm then again on Nov 18, pm and Nov 25, pm. On the first night of class, the group will design the six glass panels in a 2-hour session.

    The instructors will teach you how to use pre-cut fused glass, frit glass and glass stringers, while you will design and build your own project. Before the next class, the instructors will fire the glass panels in a kiln. Participants will return the following Monday to install the panels and lighting in the lantern in a 1-hour class. Glass fusing is a technique of joining two or more pieces of glass by heat in a kiln.

    The glass becomes a flowing liquid at degrees. At these temperatures, glass softens enough that when pieces of glass are heated and pressed together, they will fuse into a single seamless piece. This is the underlying principle behind glass fusing. The outcome of each firing is different and each piece is unique piece of art. The fee for this class must be prepaid at time of sign up due to the specialty nature of the supplies required. No experience with glass is required. The instructors will teach you how to use pre-cut fused glass, frit glass, and glass stringers, but you will be able to design your own project.

    Participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver upon registering. Safety goggles, face masks, and gloves must be used when working with glass and will be provided. You must be at least 15 years of age to take this class. Participants should wear closed toe shoes and not wear loose clothing nor hanging jewelry. For more information, please call the SAAC office at or visit the website at www. All are welcome to join this fun, one-night workshop to learn a new technique in a low-pressure, high-enjoyment atmosphere and take a completed project home at the end of the evening.

    She will lead the class through the creation of a fall-influenced floral, with bold strokes and strong colors. The class will work with seasonal botanicals to create a charming original painting celebrating the beauty of fall. A full-time artist born and raised in El Dorado, Trimble works primarily in abstracts. Starting her arts training at the age of 5, she also earned a degree in film and media arts from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, which helped hone her unique ability to find interest and beauty in a wide range of places, from clothing to interior design.

    Each class is conducted by a different art instructor who takes the class through the step-by-step process to complete a work of art in three hours. This class is limited to Those taking the class should bring their favorite libation and get ready to have a good time. For more information or to register for this class, please call the SAAC office at Senator Cotton's campaign has more than twice the cash on hand compared to this point in the election cycle before Senator Cotton defeated an incumbent senator by 17 points.

    Campaign manager Brian Colas said, "Thanks to the support from thousands of Arkansans, Senator Cotton's campaign set a fundraising record this quarter. Our team is well-positioned to run an aggressive campaign on Senator Cotton's accomplishments and win another decisive victory. Each year this event continues to grow as a family friendly event with the generous support of our Corporate Sponsors.

    Teams will set up on Washington Street early that morning to begin cooking their best chili recipes. Public tasting will begin at pm. Takeout chili purchases will also be available. The winners will be announced at p. The Camden Connection Foundation is a non-profit c3 comprised of citizens from within Ouachita County. The goal and purpose is to improve the quality of lives of the citizens of our county, as well as our visitors. The foundation is involved in creating and improving city trails, parks and playgrounds.

    Please join us as we bring our community together for an exciting day full of fun, great chili and entertainment. The individual was later identified as Abrams. Abrams along with another person, got into a car and began to drive away with the deputy following. A vehicle pursuit began when Abrams refused to stop for the deputy and continued onto the Highway 65 expressway business route , then turned off Michigan Street onto the Union Pacific railway tracks.

    A short distance later the passenger fled on foot and was quickly apprehended by another law enforcement officer. Multiple law enforcement agencies established a perimeter to seal off the area while waiting on a canine search team from the Arkansas Department of Corrections. As Department of Corrections officers entered the area Abrams was spotted lying in an area of dense brush.

    Abrams is reported to have raised-up, pointing a gun at the officers who ordered him to drop the gun. Abrams refused the orders and was shot by the corrections officers. Life saving measures were begun, however Abrams later died at the scene. At the request of the law enforcement agencies involved in the shootings and the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney, the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division has opened an investigation into the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers.

    The prosecuting attorney will use the investigation to determine whether the officers used deadly force consistent with Arkansas laws. Questions relating to the identity of the officers who used deadly force and their administrative status may be directed to the county and state agencies employing the officers.

    It has been a privilege to serve the people of District 8. I am pleased with what has been accomplished but know there is much more to do to keep our area of the state viable and headed on a positive economic path. I am very excited about the Regional Jail project that will soon be an opportunity for our area. I know it will bring some needed jobs, but we must continue to be proactive in attracting new business and seek expansion opportunities with our existing local businesses. A lifelong resident of Bradley County, Wardlaw works in agriculture and medical sales. Wardlaw previously served on the Hermitage School Board.

    Wardlaw and his wife, Missy, are the parents of 6 school age children. They attend the Methodist Church and are active in various sports programs with their children. Jeff is also a member of the Rotary Club. Cherie Bright appears as Mildred Carson, the middle-aged lead playing a very youthful Juliet. Reverend Rupert Barns, who appears in a number of roles, will be performed by Clay Callaway. Tours will take place continuously during the night from PM to PM in the historic Oakland Cemetery which was established in Oakland was one of the first cemeteries in Camden, and it contains the graves of many members of pioneer families in this area.

    Many of the early monuments erected there were imported, and they are unique and irreplaceable. Ticket table will be located on the Zion Hill Baptist Church parking lot. Thank You to Dr. This year will be the first of what we hope is many to come of a Community Christmas display and Community Christmas Tree provided by Arkansas Pulpwood. Ornaments can be made at home or at school. All ornaments must be weather resistant. Children 5th grade and younger are welcome to participate.

    Teachers may schedule a field trip to the location for students to place their ornament on the tree. Field trips must be between Monday, December 2nd and Friday, Deccember 6th. With the lighting of the display on Saturday, December 7th. The winner of the competition will be named on Tuesday, December 10th. To schedule field trips, or for further information, contact Charlotte Young at The most common method is to threaten access to the growing Chinese domestic market for any international company or organization that criticizes, or allows its employees to criticize, Chinese government policies.

    If not resisted, this pressure could result in American and multinational companies making employment conditional on silence regarding topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese Communist Party. This is an outcome that Americans reject, and one that you should reject — especially given that the NBA represents a unique brand for which there is no competition, inside or outside China.

    Trailer park entirely inhabited by paedophiles and sex offenders - 60 Minutes Australia

    It is outrageous that the Chinese Communist Party is using its economic power to suppress the speech of Americans inside the United States. It is also outrageous that the NBA has caved to Chinese government demands for contrition. We are aware that the NBA has a lucrative and longstanding market in China.

    As such, your corporate due diligence would have noted that the Chinese government has systematically used international business partnerships to stifle opinions with which it disagrees. The NBA should have anticipated the challenges of doing business in a country run by a repressive single party government—including by being prepared to stand in strong defense of the freedom of expression of its employees, players, and affiliates across the globe. NBA players have a rich history of speaking out on sensitive topics of social justice and human rights inside the United States, and the NBA takes pride in defending their right to do so.

    Yet while it is easy to defend freedom of speech when it costs you nothing, equivocating when profits are at stake is a betrayal of fundamental American values. Worse, your statements come at a time when we would hope to see Americans standing up and speaking out in defense of the rights of the people of Hong Kong. Morey to back away from his statement, has not only sold out an American citizen. It reinforces the Chinese Communist Party view that those who point to Chinese repression in Hong Kong are at best stating opinions, not facts, and that the official Chinese government view deserves equal respect.

    Therefore, we urge you to take the following steps: 1. Suspend NBA activities in China until government-controlled broadcasters and government-controlled commercial sponsors end their boycott of NBA activities and the selective treatment of the Houston Rockets, and emphasize that the association will stand unified in the face of future efforts by Chinese government-controlled entities to single out individual teams, players, or associates for boycotts or selective treatment. Clarify in internal association documents that public commentary on international human rights repression—including in Tibet, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang—falls within expected standards of public behavior and expression.

    Meals will be provided without charge to all children 18 years and under from 4 to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. There will also be games, crafts and tutoring available. It is hunger; lack of shelter; sick and unable to receive adequate healthcare; lack of education; not having a job; fear for the future; living one day at a time; complex; a community issue. We all pay for poverty. Lunch will be provided. The morning session will be a Poverty Simulation where you will experience a month in the life of poverty.

    You will discover the harsh realities of poverty and hopefully promote community action. The afternoon session will be a planning session to discuss how our community can identify and overcome poverty challenges, move individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency, reduce social costs related to crime, poor health, and welfare, strengthen educational attainment and job skills, enhance economic development and revitalize neighborhoods. There will be limited seating so return your form as soon as possible.

    Participants heard from a panel of physicians who spoke on the dangers of vaping and who have experience with the impacts of vaping on youth. E-liquids are under regulated and can be cut with other dangerous products that consumers are unaware of, such as toxic THC. Joe Thompson, the former Arkansas Surgeon General, spoke on the popular yet poisonous trend of using vape pods and e-cigarette devices to consume marijuana-based products.

    Rutledge moderated a panel that included a lawmaker, consumer protection expert and school leaders who also discussed what can be done at the State level to help educate Arkansans on the risks of vaping, enforce the law and find solutions to better serve communities. There are additional penalties for products sold to children. The reports include data from the school year, including ACT Aspire results. Results of both reports show positive movement in multiple areas, including an 11 percent increase in schools that earned an A, and a 14 percent decrease in those earning an F.

    The Arkansas plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act is focused on continuous improvement and equity for all students, and these results show our plan is working. Through our continued collaboration with school districts and a focus on student learning, we will lead the nation in student-focused education. The user may click on the year to hide or show the data. Trend data give schools a sense of how students are performing academically over time as well as whether schools are improving access and opportunity for success within the School Quality and Student Success indicator.

    The reports include additional new features. The Student Engagement indicator, which is located under School Quality and Student Success, is broken down by subgroups and identifies student attendance percentages that meet low risk, moderate risk, or high risk criteria. This new chart gives schools the opportunity to review student engagement and develop plans for improvement. School Rating Letter Grade Results Below are the total number of schools that earned school ratings or letter grades ranging from A to F for compared to Some of the highlights of that report are listed below.

    In addition to these positive changes, the graduation rates for all students and multiple student subgroups, as reported earlier this year, continued their upward trend for the third year in a row. Informational documents are linked to each page look for a colored button near the top to provide the user additional information about that page of the report. Schools are encouraged to utilize these reports to revisit their school-level improvement plan. Districts may also review their district support plan and reallocate resources as needed to ensure successful implementation of school plans.

    Governor Tim Griffin will present the proclamation. This month emphasizes the importance of inclusive policies and practices to ensure that all Americans who want to work can work, and have access to services and supports to enable them to do so. The letter outlines five outstanding questions Senator Cotton has for Inspector General Atkinson and asks him to reply no later than p. Dear Inspector General Atkinson,. Your disappointing testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on September 26 was evasive to the point of being insolent and obstructive.

    Yet you moralized about how you were duty bound not to share even a hint of this political bias with us. But now I see media reports that you revealed to the House Intelligence Committee not only that the complainant is a registered Democrat, but also that he has a professional relationship with a Democratic presidential campaign. More specifically:. This information is also simple, unclassified, and personally known to you. Therefore, please reply in writing no later than p.

    I look forward to your answers, even two weeks late. The invocation was given by Reverend Stephone Avery, St. Paul Christian Church. The minutes and financial reports from September were accepted. Danny Glaze addressed the Council regarding on the proposed Entertainment District. He stated it is time to move forward and do some things to make this a vibrant downtown city. He stated that his sone and daughter in law have moved back to Camden from Louisville, Kentucky.

    They made the decision to come back and try to make a difference and live and do business in Camden. They want to provide young people a place to enjoy. Bobby Glaze then spoke regarding his vision of a micro-brewery in Downtown Camden. He went on to talk about retaining young people who move here or have been raised here. Both men encouraged the aldermen to vote to put in the entertainment District Ordinance. Emily Jordan also spoke to the Board regarding the Entertainment District. She talked about the young professionals the live in her Downtown Apartments who have started to get out in the evenings.

    To retain young people in the area the City must have something to keep them here. Young people want to have fun things to do after work and on the weekends. Marvin Moore spoke regarding concerns about safety. He is concerned about the district being managed. He also expressed his concern as to how the whole idea came to be and thought everyone should have been included in the conservation from the inception of the idea. James Bell expounded on how the idea was birthed and how it came to table.

    Old business consisted of the 2 nd reading or Ordinance establishing an Entertainment District and for other purposes. Motion was made to suspend the rules and put up for final reading. Rules were suspended and discussion ensued on the ordinance. Motion was made to update the map to the area that was revised from the original map. The area to be included was revised to include less area than was originally proposed.

    It was proposed that the Ordinance be amended to allow the entertainment district to be approved for all week not just Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was also proposed that the businesses that serve alcoholic beverages be required to have a trash receptacle outside their business so as not to tax the City Workers with cleaning up after people.

    Police Chief Bo Woody told the board that with the revised map the Police Force could easily patrol the district. The Ordinance will be back on the agenda next month for a third and final reading. Other items on the agenda included Ordinance Number , an ordinance authorizing Camden Water Utilities to increase sewer rates for customers on the Shumaker Sewer System: prescribing other matters relating thereto and declaring an emergency.

    After some discussion and explanations from the Director of the Water Treatment Plant , David Richardson, the motion passed. Ordinance Number , an ordinance repealing Ordinance Number assessing a lien on certain property located at Carver St. A motion was made to suspend the rules and put the ordinance up for a final vote. Motion passed. A discussion ensued. Ordinance Number an ordinance repealing Ordinance Number assessing a lien on certain property located at Ouachita St. Ordinance , an Ordinance fixing the rate of taxation for the year Resolution Number , a resolution declaring the dilapidated structures located at and Union St.

    Marvin Moore asked to abstain from the vote. Resolution Number , a resolution declaring the dilapidated structures located at Union St. Resolution Number , a resolution declaring the dilapidated structures located at Center St SW. Resolution , a resolution authorizing the Mayor to pay an end-of-year bonus to city employees, including the City Clerk, City Attorney, Judge and Mayor. Paul Lindsey will present a program about the Grand Canyon.

    The theme for Homecoming is Mule Ride the Storm. It all starts at 6 p. The Homecoming Pep Rally will be at 1 p. The King and Queen Court presentation will be held at 2 p. Also at 10 a. The event continues at 6 p. Saturday at the W. Watson Gymnasium.

    Broadway Joe Talk Show

    For more information, contact Cledis Stuart at SAU Beyond the Campus will be open 10 a. Friday and 10 a. The SAU Bookstore will be open 8 a. Friday and 8 a. Saturday and at the football game through halftime. Lonnie Joseph Parker was arrested today on federal charges.

    Parker of Texarkana, Arkansas in after receiving complaints from local law enforcement about a suspected pill mill and possible overdose death of a patient. Investigators analyzed prescription drug monitoring data attributed to Dr. Parker, and the investigation revealed Dr. Parker was an over-prescriber of controlled substances, to include opiates, benzodiazepines, and promethazine with codeine cough syrup in the Texarkana area. In the two-year period analyzed, Dr.

    Parker prescribed approximately 1. Parker also prescribed approximately 16 gallons of Promethazine with Codeine cough syrup to approximately 29 patients during the same time period. These prescriptions included several prescriptions written in combination with narcotics and sedatives to high diversion risk patients. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas Dak Kees that a doctor in Texarkana has been indicted and arrested on federal charges:.

    While Congress has responded with a variety of solutions ranging from prevention to treatment, I have long believed that enforcement and accountability among prescribers is also necessary to stem the tide. The work of Dak Kees and federal partners at the DEA, FBI, HHS and local agencies to identify and now act to hold over-prescribers responsible sends a clear message as to their intention to crack down on this behavior in order to end the plague of opioid addiction in Arkansas.

    I congratulate Dak and each of the government agencies involved in this arrest and commend their work to ensure these drugs do not continue to flood our communities and state without consequence. Beijing must face economic consequences for its crimes against millions of Chinese ethnic and religious minorities. The full text of the letter can be found below and by clicking here.

    Dear Mr. We also understand that many American companies have conducted business in good faith with Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications companies. While the U. We believe, however, that a review of publicly available evidence indicates that the security concerns about Huawei are real and urgent. To highlight those concerns to American citizens and businesses, we list below just some of this evidence:. Espionage Activities.

    This evidence, in conjunction with testimony from U. Of course, the government has more classified evidence to support this case, and we sympathize with your expressed concern that Microsoft and other businesses are not privy to this intelligence. We believe the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the intelligence community could share more of this intelligence in an appropriate fashion to affected businesses. We would welcome further conversation with Microsoft and other businesses about coordinating such briefings. And thank you for the many ways in which Microsoft works with our military, intelligence community, and law enforcement agencies.

    Events and Attractions. Festival organizers said music will fill the crisp fall air throughout the day with a DJ and live performances by Anna Vinson, the lead singer of Mustang Mafia, and tribute bands Escape Journey and The Breeze Lynryd Skynyrd. Admission is free for the Smoke on the Square Fall Festival and some festival activities will be paid. Also, visit www. The event is a free educational opportunity for medical experts, educators, parents and law enforcement. Greg Bledsoe, and panelists will include Dr. Rutledge will moderate a panel on Vaping Solutions from the Schoolhouse to the Statehouse to discuss education, enforcement and solutions.

    The panel will include State Representative Dr. A full agenda is included at the bottom of the email. An additional 41 clemency requests were denied and zero had no action taken upon them. These include requests from both inmates and non-inmates. The applicants intended for pardons have completed all jail time, fulfilled all parole and probationary requirements and paid all fines related to their sentences. There is a day waiting period to receive public feedback on the notices before final action is taken. Governor Hutchinson intends to grant pardons to the following people:. There are no law enforcement objections to the application.

    Robert D. Peggy L. Jason M. Mario Poole Sr. John P. The Prosecuting Attorney has raised objections to applicant's request. Jeffery P. Governor Hutchinson intends to grant the restoration of firearms right only to the following people:. The program is in its third year and seeks to expose students to the legislative process and opportunities for advocacy and civic engagement. The group of 58 students from all four congressional districts met for the first time in Little Rock on Friday, October 4. In addition to meeting with Senator Boozman, the students also visited with U.

    Representative French Hill. The Congressional Youth Cabinet is a nonpartisan initiative that allows students to gain first-hand experience engaging in the democratic process. Participants attend several meetings throughout the school year, research a national issue they select and present policy recommendations to Boozman at the final meeting in April. Students were selected from each of the four congressional districts based on their achievements, involvement in the community and demonstrated leadership experience.

    The following students were selected for the school year:. The October project will focus on acrylic painting-Trimble's preferred medium for her own work. For more information or to register for this class, please call the SAAC office at or visit the website at www. The two-hour block will be screened at p. The Arkansas Made selections are as follows: "Avaline", by University of Central Arkansas Graduate Hannah Roebuck, follows a man, Elijah, who lives alone in the woods and is caught off guard by a mysterious visitor who ends up in his cabin after crashing her car nearby.

    This is the tale of a young woman's soul coming back to possess another woman to avenge her murder. The quirky high school romance, "Letters for Anniston" by Clayton Henderson, goes through the trials and tribulations of year-old Clay as he goes on a whirlwind adventure trying to express his feelings for the love of his life.

    From Savannah College of Art and Design graduate and El Dorado native Brooklyn Alexander, "Losing You" focuses the lens on an erratic, alcoholic mother who struggles to maintain a relationship with her depressed, teenage daughter by throwing money the family doesn't have at their issues. The entire festival schedule can be found at eldofilmfest. Film Festival screenings begin on the evening of Thursday, October 10, at p. Showings continue through the afternoon and evening of Friday, October 11, running noon through p. The festival's final day, Saturday, October 12, begins bright and early at 10 a.

    Call for more information on the El Dorado Film Festival. The agenda includes the second reading of Ordinance No. Ordinance No. Resolution No. SW a public nuisance and to order the removal of the same. Vaping is the act of inhaling a vapor, which is produced by an e-cigarette or similar device. Through education, enforcement and consumer protection, we can help protect an entire generation from becoming addicted to nicotine. E-cigarettes are marketed as a safe alternative to cigarettes, but in reality they are not. Attorney General Rutledge has released the following facts about vaping to help parents protect their children.

    Senator John Boozman R-AR released the following statement honoring the life and service of his longtime aide and Arkansas veterans advocate Steve Gray:. He embodied the mantra of a life dedicated to God, family and country. His enthusiasm, optimistic attitude and dedication to public service was a positive influence on me, my staff and countless others. Steve was a truly selfless person who dedicated his life to others, particularly his fellow veterans, for whom he joyfully and eagerly worked to help. He literally set the gold standard on how to deliver for veterans.

    It was his calling; his passion. And he changed so many lives for the better as a result of his tireless efforts. Steve was a servant in every sense of the word and the mark he left on this world will be remembered for years to come. Come early to shop for homemade crafts and baked goodies, then join us for a home cooked meal from AM — PM. To purchase tickets and for more information please contact the Ouachita County Extension Office at Statistics show that student loan debt is the second-highest debt category now behind only mortgage debt, according to the Federal Reserve.

    The multi-agency initiative was created to address the increasing costs of higher education. The consortium will offer financial tools related to applying for scholarships, comparing tuition rates, and applying for financial aid. Both the detoxification unit and the residential treatment facility are now accepting client applications online at SerenityParkRecovery. Roosevelt Road in Little Rock or by telephone The center offers on-site medication assisted detoxification services in addition to residential and intensive outpatient programs. This continuity of on-site care makes Serenity Park among the most comprehensive fully integrated detoxification, residential and outpatient addiction recovery centers in the region.

    Serenity Park is committed to providing holistic, evidence-based treatment to empower those served to live sober and productive lives. Each participant is provided the guidance and support to develop the life skills essential to a lifetime of recovery and healthy living. Serenity Park Recovery Center will continue many of the widely recognized and respected practices of the late Joe McQuany, a. McQuany created the internationally acclaimed Recovery Dynamics program and had the vision to initially develop this site as Serenity Park.

    The new Serenity Park will deliver a highly effective yet affordable continuum of care by providing on-site medication assisted detox, residential and outpatient treatment programs. Weaver brings more than 30 years of experience and leadership at leading treatment facilities. About the company: Serenity Park Recovery Center is a privately owned, premium care detoxification, residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center for adults. The center offers medication-assisted detoxification as a stand-alone service in addition to the residential and intensive outpatient services.

    The center is conveniently located at W. Roosevelt Road in Little Rock, Arkansas. Martin Luther King, Jr. The outreach project will provide food and temporary shelter through hotel accommodations for homeless residents for one night, October The Commission worked with local organizations that serve at-risk populations to promote the project. It was his goal to complete the campaign in August of that year, but as we know he died in April. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to pick up the baton and continue to promote the goodwill he always believed in and encouraged others to do.

    We will serve several residents, providing shelter from the elements, a warm bed, toiletries, and hot meals. Scarbrough Arkansas. This bill would rectify that. Congress needs this information in order to make sound policy decisions. We must standardize and enforce reporting processes in this area and ensure that states have necessary assistance in collecting the required abortion data. States should not be allowed to distort or provide faulty data in an effort to cover up the true numbers of innocent lives lost by abortion.

    Background Currently, states submit abortion data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a voluntary basis. This bill requires states to report accurate and complete data about abortion as a condition for receiving certain Medicaid family-planning funds. The bill requires states to report cases where babies are born alive during abortions. At present, only a handful of states record these cases.

    This bill would give the American people and policymakers a more accurate understanding of how often these tragic cases occur. Anthony List.