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In extraordinary circumstances, an original notarized letter from the registered owner or title holder may be submitted, giving a particular person permission to receive custody of the vehicle. No faxed or photocopies of letters will be accepted. In order to release the vehicle you must pay the total amount due on all vehicles registered or titled in your name.

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This includes any fees for registration suspensions and any Judgment fees. There are no Payment Plans. The PVB accepts cash, credit cards except American Express , debit cards, money orders, or certified bank checks only to release a booted or towed vehicle.

No personal checks or second party credit or debit cards are accepted. There is no exception to this rule. To pay by credit card, the cardholder must be present and must present a picture ID.

Can’t Find Your Car? NYC Wants an App for That

The time to claim a defense or extenuating circumstances for any ticket received on your vehicle is within 30 days of ticket issuance or prior to the due date on the first late notice from the PVB. Hearings are not always available for an impounded vehicle. If you believe you have a defense to a ticket not yet in judgment, you may pay under protest to release your vehicle and a hearing may be scheduled for you at a later date.

Once paid, a release form will be drawn up by an authorized PVB staff member.

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The boot will then be removed and you may retrieve your vehicle. A copy of the release form will be given to you for your records. If your vehicle has been towed, you will be given two 2 copies of the release form: one for your records and one for the Tow Company who has towed and is storing your vehicle.

How Do I Locate My Towed Vehicle?

The Tow Company will not release the vehicle to you without a properly executed release form. Tow fees must be paid to the Company which impounded your vehicle. Step 1: Ask when your vehicle is available for release. It may take some time to process your vehicle and hours of operation for impound lots vary. Step 2: Ask where you need to go. You may need to visit an office to complete the paperwork necessary to get your car out of impound, but your car may be at a different location. Step 3: Inquire about necessary paperwork. Ask what paperwork you need to bring in order to release your car from impound.

Impound Lot Overview

Be prepared to wait in line. Impound lots are typically busy places with long lines full of frustrated people. It can take hours before it is your turn at the window so be sure you have all the information and payment you need before you get there. Step 1: Complete the necessary paperwork with the impound agent. They deal with angry, frustrated people all day, and your transaction may be smoother if you are kind and respectful.

Step 2: Pay the necessary fees.

What is alternate side parking?

Bring the correct form of payment as you discovered previously. Step 3: Pick up your vehicle. An impound attendant will bring you back to your car on the lot where you can drive away. Having your car impounded is no fun and can be a real pain. However, if you are armed with the general knowledge of the process before hand, it can be a little bit smoother and less stressful. Be sure to consult the traffic laws in the areas you frequent, and Ask a Mechanic if you have any questions about your vehicle, and have your parking brake inspected if needed.

Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Service Area. Warning : Do NOT use to find if your car has been towed or report it stolen. It is a waste of resources for a non-emergency situation. Part 2 of 3: Collect your necessary information Once you have discovered that your car has been towed to an impound lot, find out what you need to do to get it out, how much it will be for the fees, and when you can get it out. Find out the hours of operation and what time your vehicle will be able to be picked up.

Be sure to determine what forms of payment are accepted. Part 3 of 3: Pick up your car from impound Be prepared to wait in line. Tip : Bring your car keys to the impound lot. It can be easy to forget them in the confusion and frustration. Home Articles.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles.

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