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Because our company was created by experienced attorneys, we strive to be the best legal document service on the web. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us immediately and we will correct the situation, provide a refund or offer credit that can be used for future LegalZoom orders. Maybe you finally found that son you've always wanted, but he just so happens to be Or maybe you were reunited with your birth mother and want to make her your official, legal mom.

But adoption is just for babies and little kids, right?

“What does adoption mean to a child?”

Who has a brand new daughter that's over 21? Regardless of what you think, it is both legal and possible to adopt yourself a healthy, bouncing grownup. In many cases, your new, adult family member must simply be a legal adult and voluntarily agree to the adoption. Adoption is the same legal process whether the individual is a child or an adult.

The court issues a new birth certificate for the adopted individual and any existing legal relationships with biological or custodial parents are severed. The adopted adult can change his or her last name, also called a surname change, and all adoption records will be sealed. The most common reason to adopt an adult is for inheritance purposes. In this case, adult adoption allows someone to leave property or financial assets to the adopted individual more easily.

For example, parents can adopt a now adult foster child or stepchild. Adult adoption is a popular option for biological parents as well as for children who find their birth family and wish to be formally acknowledged or fathers who find children they didn't know they had.

Finally, adult adoptions often occur to provide perpetual care for an adult who has a diminished capacity or disability.

I Gave My Baby Out For Adoption. Now I Want Him Back!

Such adult adoptions can assume responsibility for a mentally retarded or challenged individual or someone who is physically disabled. Through the adoption process, one adult can become the responsible party and decisionmaker for another adult's care. Guidelines and requirements for adult adoptions vary between states.

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If you're considering an adult adoption, check with your Secretary of State. Many states require formal notification of birth parents. Some require the adopted party to be of diminished capacity while others only need an agreement between the parties involved. If the adult up for adoption is married, some states will want to have the consent of the adopted person's spouse.

Interestingly, adult adoptions are not always granted. Many are rejected because of a preexisting sexual relationship between the two parties, preventing same sex couples from gaining rights over one another. Since the courts are formalizing the relationship of parent and child; hence, any sexual relationship will prohibit the adoption.

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Age differences might also can halt a proposed adult adoption. In most states, restrictions exist that require the adopting party to be older than the person adopted. Any suspected fraud will stop an adult adoption in its tracks. Fraud - alleged or real - could include someone asking a wealthy individual to adopt him or her in order to inherit property. I've compiled a list of suggestions and resources to help you along. Keep in mind that finding someone is only half the adoption or foster care search process.

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Preparation for the reunion is the other half. Prepare yourself emotionally for whatever you may find. Where was he born or where do you think he was born? How old is he now? In what areas has he lived? Where did he go to school? What's his vocation, or likely vocation given his skills and interests? Dredge your memory and write everything down. Agency adoption is when the California Department of Social Services or a licensed adoption agency is part of the adoption case.

International adoption is when the child to be adopted was born in another country. Includes domestic partnerships or unions in another state that are legally the same as a marriage. Are you stepparent and the birth parent still married or domestic partners? Get information about the adoption process. Fill out your court forms. Have your forms reviewed. Make at least 2 copies of all your forms.

File your forms with the court clerk. Talk with the child about the adoption. Serve your papers on the other birth parent. If she or he does not agree to the adoption, you may still be able to adopt if: The other birth parent has abandoned the child for over a year and not paid any child support or seen or talked to the child. You properly serve the other birth parent with the Adoption Request. The other birth parent will have to show up on the court date given on the request and object to the adoption.

The judge decides that going ahead with the adoption is in the best interest of the child. Have an interview and investigation with an investigator.

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Get a court date. Go to your adoption hearing. Go to court. Take all the forms you have filled out. The child must go to the hearing. For an independent, agency, or international adoption: The agency you are using for the adoption will most likely take care of these steps and guide you through the process.

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Fill out these forms too if you are adopting a Native American child. This is very serious, so the court does not want to do it unless the other birth parent knows about the adoption and has a chance to go to court and tell his or her side to the judge. The judge will then decide if the court will end the parental rights or not.

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Think about what it would be like if the situation was reversed. So an important step in your adoption case is to: Find the other parent and get a written consent agreement to the adoption. But talk to a lawyer to make sure. The judge may ask for a letter from the doctor or sperm bank confirming you did the artificial insemination on your own.