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At the time of his death he was survived by his wife, Myra and a son, William of Beverly, Mass. Another son, Harold H. Reinecke had 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren at the time of his death. He entered the FBI on April 18, Rhodes was active in the major criminal investigations of the early '30s such as the Dillinger, Bremer and Hamm cases and his reports are readily seen in the FBI's Dillinger file.

Rhodes served in Kansas City, Omaha, and St. Paul until his retirement. William Rorer, Sr. Bureau historian, Dr. John Fox, has noted at the FBI's website that the story of "Don't Shoot G-Men" is questionable at best and whether Kelly really said that at the time of his arrest has been a controversial subject. Rorer's son, Davis, however told me a few years back when I spoke to him by telephone that his father repeated that story to him and others many times over.

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Regardless, Rorer had a formative role in the early Bureau of the 's with many of the gangster investigations. He was a veteran of World War I. Born in Lynchburg, VA. At the time of death in Albany, Ga. After leaving the FBI, Rorer spent nearly thirty years in Albany and was president and general manager of Colonial Refrigeration at the time of his death. Rorer's photo and that with "Machine Gun" Kelly and others can be found in the photo gallery at this site. William C. Ryan Bill grew up in Washington, D. He served first office in Birmingham, and later 2 years in Chicago.

As you'll note from the Dillinger related material elsewhere, SA Ryan was present outside the Biograph that night. Nelson and Chase disabled Ryan and McDade's car with shots to the radiator and subsequently traveled about a mile down the road and ran into Agents Herman Hollis and Sam Cowley. Hollis, Cowley and Nelson were killed in that gun battle. SA Ryan was wounded during the altercation with Nelson and Chase. Ryan's son as of , William C. Shanahan was the first Bureau agent to be killed in the line of duty which occurred in October, when fugitive car thief, Martin James Durkin shot him in the chest.

Shanahan was born in Chicago, Ill. Sloan's biography and career is best told by his daughter in her memoirs about him which you can find in the navigation area. Photos of Sloan are in the photo gallery. See also the information regarding the history of FBI, Quantico in the navigation area.

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Smith entered the Bureau Of Investigation as one of the original early agents in During the early 's, he along with others in Oklahoma were deeply involved with the Osage Indian murder investigation there. SA Smith was a former Dallas police officer and was later also involved in many of the Bureau's high priority cases of the 's in the Midwest. He was a survivor of the bloody Kansas City Massacre at Union Station, June, and later that year in December, participated in the shootout with gangster, Wilbur Underhill, in Oklahoma.

SA Louis D. Socey was born in Hollidaysburg, PA in and attended schools there. In he enlisted in the U. Army and served in the Medical Corp. After his discharge, he joined J. While there he completed studies of common law from the Chicago Blackstone Institute of Law. He passed the Virginia Bar of Law in Dec. He was appointed a special agent with the Bureau in Six months later he was transferred to the Los Angeles where he was particularly involved in finding cold case fugitives.

His next assignment was Detroit, Michigan. From Detroit he was assigned to St. Secret Service as a special agent. Roosevelt and his family. From there his supervisor John J. He remained there until his retirement in A native of Washington, D. That same year he married Mary Ellen Sullivan and subsequently raised seven daughters and six sons. Known as "Sully" to his friends, in late , Sullivan was transferred to Chicago, and was part of the Chicago based "Dillinger Squad. During that investigation, Sullivan rode with Dillinger's body, along with other Agents, to the morgue and was the Agent responsible for inventory of Dillinger's body.

During the attempted arrest, a serious gun battle ensued between Agents and the Barkers leading to the death of Ma Barker and her son, Freddie. As a recognized authority on major organized crime figures he began a campaign to wipe out hoodlums, dishonest public officials, and other criminals. Beginning in , nearly every radio station in Miami gave him 15 minutes of air time for straight Saturday night broadcasts of a show called, "The Sinister Blot," in which he identified organized crime members living in the community.

Sullivan presented evidence in Washington about organized crime activities to the U. Senate which brought about hearings in Miami by Senator Estes Kefauver. His information helped bring about Federal grand jury indictments against 13 major gambling figures. Sullivan retired from the Miami Crime Commission in and died in July, An early photo of Suran can be found among the Dillinger Squad collage in the photo section. Suran was born in Marshall, Oklahoma, March 8, He was one of the agents on duty outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago, July 22, when Dillinger was killed in a gun battle.

While assigned to FBI headquarters he was an antitrust supervisor and assistant chief of the identification division.

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On many occasions, Suran was sent to numerous locations throughout the United States on special assignments during his early career. He resided for many years in and La Jolla, California and subsequent to retirement, work for approximately 10 years as a stockbroker. At the time of his death in , Suran was survived by his wife, Janet; two daughters identified as Jeanne Willcut of New Mexico and Cathy Heaton of Chula Vista, California; six grandchildren; and eight great grandchildren.

Tamm E. Tamm - Born April 4, in St. Tamm's involvement, decision making and involvement with J. Edgar Hoover and many high profile cases of his career can plainly be seen in the many released FBI files of the gangster era and after. During our own limited research, we found several "colorful" worded memos of Tamm's reflecting the culture of the times in law enforcement; such phrases as "knocking off [Pretty Boy] Floyd," and referrring in one memo to "Ma" Barker and son, Fred, he tells the Director "after we exterminated them.

He was 79 years old. Judge Tamm, a native of St. Paul, came to Washington in and graduated from Georgetown University law school two years later. He joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in , was appointed assistant director in and served from to as assistant to its Director, J. Edgar Hoover. In a noted case, Judge Tamm set aside a Federal Communications Commission ruling that seven words, referring to such things as sexual activities and portions of the female anatomy, could not be used by radio stations.

He wrote that the F. Tamm of Amherst, Mass. Assigned to the Chicago office, Tillman's name is readily seen in multiple bureau documents involving his role in the Dillinger gang case and the pursuit of "Babyface" Nelson. He was the primary agent involved in the capture of "Tokyo Rose. After the death of his wife and , he moved to Hillsboro, Oregon to be with his sister and family.

Tillman passed away in June, A native of Oklahoma where he was born, December 9, , Ray was raised in Texas where he resided since Not satisfied with that, he studied accounting by correspondence and in the Fall of became a certified public accountant. He was eventually elected president. Tollett married Iris E. Goodbrake in They had two sons, Ray Jr. Edgar Hoover and others. Walter F. Trainor, according to records and an obituary provided by his nephew, Richard, was born Dec. He was a graduate of Creighton University.

Trainor married Marie Therese Goerner who died in His name is readily seen in the released FBI files on the massacre investigation. Trainor is credited with playing a large role in the capture of gangster, Adam Richetti who along with others, was charged in the massacre shootings which killed several law enforcement officers.

Richetti, now convicted, was put to death for his role in the killings. During the investigation, Trainor's family had been threatened many times by Richetti and his friends and Trainor was always fearful they'd retaliate on his family. In addition to the above, Trainor also played a role in various aspects of the Dillinger investigation including the arrest and transport of gangster, Volney Davis.

He was a member of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity and president of the Oklahoma branch of Creighton University's alumni association. Trainor died at the young age of 37 on Nov. At the time of his death from a malignant tumor, he was survived by his widow; three daughters, Mary Patricia, Jean and Alice, and three sisters and a brother. Treadwell was born in Washington, D.

He earned an L. His last office of assignment was Atlanta. His career also included a period of foreign service following WW II. In the s he and his wife had a son and resided in Atlanta, Ga. Vincent's photo can be seen in our "photo gallery" where he is posed with other FBI firearms instructors during the 's. He later became President of the Society. Weakley was an early Bureau of Investigation agent assigned to the Cincinnati field office. Because of his abilities, he was ordered to Oklahoma City field office in the early s by Bureau Director Burns Hoover was then Assistant Director and was assigned as the case agent to the Osage Indian murder investigation.

Weekly was later replaced as the case agent due to his lack of confidence that the case could be solved. His name regularly appears in the released Osage FBI case file. At that time he became a special investigator for the Governor and Attorney General's office in Oklahoma, and was highly involved in the Osage Indian murder investigation that same year. He was re-instated back into the Bureau, initially for a two month period at the specific request of Oklahoma SAC, James Findlay to work that particular case. Weiss' name regularly appears in all of the reports released by the FBI concerning the Osage murder investigation and no doubt his devotion to it is one of the main reasons the case was solved.

Note: Some of the below was provided by White's great nephew, James M. White, in addition to some data previously supplied by our retired agent colleague who reviewed White's file for an article on him and his brother, Thomas. Author Zane Grey spent three months trailing him around once, to gather material for one of his books.

Customs Inspector, 1st Lieutenant in U. Army Intelligence and Prohibition Agent in the U. Treasury Department. She was the granddaughter of General Henry E. He was first employed as an oiler in the Austin Electrical pumping plant, then a brakeman on the Old Austin Northwestern Railway, now the Southern Pacific. White entered the FBI as a special agent in According to a note in the FBI's "Grapevine" magazine in , "he had quite a bullet spattered career by the time he joined the Bureau in Gibson, wearing a bulletproof vest, decided to charge White's position firing both a rifle and pistol.

Using a. Connelley, surrounded a farm house in Oklawaha, Florida. Inside they had cornered Kate "Ma" Barker and her son Fred.

Clinton L. Rand

Connelley later wrote, "At the time I was endeavoring to induce these two parties to leave the house and surrender, they fired upon me. Due to the effective return fire of Agent White, who was at my right hand side behind a tree, I was able to fall back and return their fire at this same time.

Undoubtedly the effective fire of Agent White distracted the Barkers sufficiently to confuse their aim, resulting in no injury to anyone. They also at this time fired upon Agent White. At the shootout with "Ma" Barker and her son, "Doc" White is mentioned in Charles Winstead's "expense records" on this site and White's statement regarding that shooting and more is also in the navigation area regarding the Barker incident. His brother, Thomas B. White, was a Special Agent from - and also came from the Texas Rangers. He died in February, Check the photo gallery for photos of "Doc" White supplied to us by his great nephew, James M.

He attended Austin Public Schools and a university in Texas. Thomas B. White, Sr. From to , White served in the same Texas Ranger Company. After several years as a railroad detective, he joined the Bureau of Investigation in and served until when he resigned upon appointment as Warden of Leavenworth Penitentiary. For three months in early , he served as acting warden at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, while still a Special Agent.

In , a group of prisoners made a daring break for freedom and White was taken hostage. He was shot, and being covered with blood, he was left by the roadside for dead. White was SAC in Oklahoma City during the mids and had supervisory responsibility for the Osage Indian murders case, the successful prosecution of which brought the Bureau early fame. Thomas Bruce White passed away in His son, Thomas B. White, Jr.

Multiple photos of Winstead can be found in this website. See Winstead's memoirs in the navigation area and do a site search for more information on him. His application to the Bureau for the Special Agent position is in the "navigation" area of this site and provides his early background. Conducte a "site search" in the "navigation area" for more information on Winstead. Woltz was later present in Florida involved in the shooting with "Ma" Barker and her son.

Woltz also played a major role in the investigation of Dillinger's escape from Crown Point and the so-called "wooden gun" supposedly used. In and , Woltz spent time in the Pittsburgh and Charlotte Offices. After leaving the Bureau, it is believed Woltz returned to the Mt. Airy area of North Carolina where his family resided. During the 's, Woltz was the treasurer at a family textile business in Mt.

Airy, N. Woltz's death certificate information reveals he died in April, , leaving behind his wife at the time Mildred Woltz, nee Ensley. Woltz was buried at Oakdale Cemetery, Mt.

Agents Of The '30s - Biographies

There is no information found about children had and this is believed to be Woltz's second marriage. Wright was the original case agent from the Bureau of Investigation during the opening of the 's investigation surrounding the Osage Indian murders in Oklahoma. Further details on him are lacking, however his name regularly appears in the released FBI case file of the Osage investigation.

He was named for his grandfather Percy Wyly, Sr. Percy and his offspring are all listed on the Official Roles of Oklahoma, as members of the Cherokee Tribe. Percy was a young lawyer and graduate of the Vanderbilt Law School in He was the Asst. County Attorney in Tahlequah, N.

House of Representatives in January of Percy's rise within the FBI was very rapid. Having joined in , he was promoted to Admin. Edgar Hoover within six months time, and in less than three years was promoted to Special Agent in Charge. Hoover liked Percy, as he was a tall 6' 5", smart, and an excellent pistol shot. Hoover and Mr. Tolson, as he had accompanied them on several business trips. In his opinion - none of the Hollywood gossip was true! After a short tenure in this office, he was given the opportunity to manage as SAC, fifteen of the FBI's fifty-two offices.

Later, he served for a short time, as a Security Consultant for the Albuquerque Public Schools, until his final retirement in In his later years, Percy became highly involved in researching family genealogy, and actually published several manuscripts in that endeavor. Marguerite survived until , and both are buried at Sunset Memorial Park in Albuq.

They were great role models and were extremely supportive of the two of us. Thinking back, it is amazing to think that we actually had two parents, who were involved in the "Early Years" of the FBI. He was born in Great Bend, Kansas. He attended the University of Colorado receiving his bachelor degree in and his law degree in Zimmer played key roles in many FBI cases, including the Dillinger and related investigations and the Bremer and Urschel kidnapping cases. Zimmer did not fire any shots in that incident.

He took employment with the Thoroughbred Racing Association and Zimmer created the Western States Division of the race horse monitoring organization covering 13 Western states. He later worked for Hughes aircraft of Los Angeles from which he retired in In , he and his wife settled in Lake San Marcos, California. Zimmer died on May 28, at the age of 81 as a result of a cardiac condition.

At the time of his death he was only survived by his wife. Not To Be Forgotten Search The Site. Contact Me Direct! Site Visitor Comments. Notes On Director, J. Edgar Hoover's "Marginalia" - Recorded Emotions. Handguns Of J. Edgar" - Hollywood Distorts The Record. Searching For Hoover's 1 Registered. Little Bohemia: Remembering Carl C. SA Winstead's Expense Records. SA Albert D. Mehegan, Longest Serving Agent.

Hoover's Weapons Decision. Weapons Inventory Problems. Colt Firearms' Training Assistance. See photo sections for more Abbaticchio, Jr. Baughman; Thomas Frank Baughman. Brennan - A patriarc of the Bureau, Edward J. Brown - Ralph Brown in - "Grapevine". Bryce and his second wife circa s. Courtesy Franklin family. Barkhausen - s Barkhausen was an early Bureau agent assigned to the Denver field office. Jerry Campbell Conduct a "site search" for more information and photos of Campbell. Clegg - Colvin Colvin's photo can be found at the "photo gallery" of this site.

Solari, researcher, lynden goldrush. Courtesy his grandaughter. Connelley - E. Conroy E. Conroy Conroy circa the 's, courtesy of his son, Edward. Inspector Samuel P. Dickason Denis H. Dickason - Dickason served in the Bureau during the early days of and by the time he retired at the peak of the gangster era in , he was believed to be the oldest member of the FBI at the time.

Dowd E. Dowd period SA Dowd's exact years of service are unknown as of this writing, however his name is readily apparent in FBI files and observed in connection with many high profile cases such as Dillinger, Nelson and Floyd. Egan -? Egan exact service dates not available As provided to us by his granddaughter, Ms. Endres Appears to have been assigned to the Tucson, Az.

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Findlay - s Findlay was the Special Agent In Charge of the Oklahoma field office of the Bureau during the onset of the Osage Indian murder investigation there in Franklin Franklin served in the Oklahoma Field Office, among others, and participated in many of the notorious gangster investigations. Franklin in - Courtesy his son. Born on a ranch north of Pecos Texas, died Alb. NM Glavin -? Guerin - Hansen Spelling also seen as "Hanson" - Exact years unknown Present at the Wilbur Underhill shootout in Oklahoma in and was photographed with others.

These are the fugitives on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list — and how they got there

Hollis , Courtesy FBI. Hood R. Hood - Hood In Hurley Hurley about - Courtesy "Grapevine". Hurt SA Clarence O. Jones Jones - Year currently unknown. John M. Keith as a senior at Dublin High, Dublin, Texas. In October , he was designated as a supervisor in the Identification Division. McCabe - McCabe's photo from his training days in can be found on the page showing group and other photos.

McDade - Although McDade only spent four years in the FBI, there's no doubt from history available that they had to be exciting ones at that. SA McDade - Courtesy his son. SA Samuel K. McKee Samuel K. Mehegan - The longest serving special agent Readers can find a link in the navigation area to this shooting incident. Pop Nathan - The man who was so well regarded in the Bureau and who carried badge 2 for years, was "Pop" Nathan. Newman SA J. Newman - J. Perkins 30's to 40's The exact dates of Perkins' service are not readily available but he served during the early 30's until an untimely death claimed him in the mid 's from a heart ailment.

Pranke According to the family papers located at the Minnesota Historical Society along with other documents , Richard Nicholas Pranke was born in in St. He married Marie Elizabeth Tschida in Photos of Purvis are readily available on the Internet today and in past books written. Reinecke Reinecke was born August 16, in Elkader, Iowa. Reinecke as SAC, Rhodes married Susann Morehouse. Rhodes passed away on November 19, Sullivan - A native of Washington, D. Presidency U. Take a Tour Permissions.

All Rights Reserved. Future of the FBI. Intelligence Agencies. Intelligence Reform. Interrogating the CIA. Homeland Security. Intelligence Reforms. Reforming the CIA. Although Mr.

FBI director: China is "top priority" in counterintelligence mission

They are among six of the eight former members of the Crime Records Division who meet the bureau's minimum retirement criteria of 25 years of service and 50 years of age. Gray abolished the division Dec. The notices of reassignment were sent out last Friday. Gray said today that he had already received a notice of retirement from James F. Bland, lan inspector with 30 years of service who, until last month, was the assistant head of the Crime Records Division.

Bland had been ordered to the field office in Albany, N. Also retiring is Donald G. Hanning, a special agent with 26 years of service whom Mr. Gray had reassigned to the post of assistant head of the bureau's Philadelphia field office. The former head of the abolished division, Thomas E. Bishop, an assistant director of the bureau, was transferred last month to the F.

Academy at Quantico, Va. Gray and will take effect Feb. The Crime Records. Division performed a number of functions, including acting as the bureau's liaison with Congress and the press. Since becoming acting direcfor last May, after the death of Mr. Hoover, Mr. Gray has made a number of changes in bureau policies instituted under Mr.