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Andrew Yang has also voiced support for letting felons vote after prison, saying on his website that by "restoring full voting rights to ex-felons who have completed the entirety of their sentence, we'll increase their engagement with society. Many environmentalists and scientists believe it will be impossible to decarbonize the power sector and fight climate change without maintaining nuclear power, because it offers more capacity than renewables and is more reliable to dispatch since it does not rely on the wind or sunshine. Federal land offer a rare opportunity to significantly shift energy development without relying on Congress, but that production also is a major cash cow for the government.

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Fossil fuels from lands under the federal government's control accounted for about one-quarter of U. Economists typically view a carbon tax as the most efficient way to get businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, but environmental activists say that would be insufficient to secure the reductions needed in a relatively short period of time. Most carbon tax proposals floated by Democrats this year envision returning much of the proceeds through regular dividend payments to offset higher energy costs.

He said the program should be part of potential carbon markets by allowing corporations, individuals and foundations to contribute funding to offset their emissions. Warren said her investments in rural America, including the agriculture industry, could be offset by making the ultra-wealthy and large corporations pay more in taxes. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has proposed paying farmers to sequester carbon in their soil, through a variety of different farming practices.

He said he supports creating tax incentives, a carbon sequestration market and expanding voluntary conservation programs. The plan did not include a price tag. Biden said he would not confiscate previously owned firearms. Steve Bullock told POLITICO he supports renewing the federal assault weapons ban and that "the federal government can support communities that choose to conduct voluntary buybacks" of such firearms.

Bullock added: "While federal agencies can support local efforts, I do not believe a direct federal buyback program should replace these kinds of community-based efforts. Mayor Pete Buttigieg "supports a new federal ban on assault-style weapons, as well as a voluntary buyback program for existing assault-style weapons," a campaign spokesperson told POLITICO.

Castro said during a CNN town hall that he supports "things like gun buybacks," adding: "I know that they have had mixed success, but I believe that in some circumstances that's a good policy, and that we can recover some weapons that shouldn't be out there on the street. Tim Ryan said during a CNN town hall that he does "support an assault weapons ban," and a campaign spokesperson told POLITICO that Ryan "is in favor of voluntary buyback programs for assault weapons" that would allow the federal government to purchase those firearms back from gun owners.

Thomas Steyer calls for a ban on "assault weapons, device modifications [and] high capacity ammunition magazines," and supports "voluntary buyback programs of all firearms, including handguns. Under that system, owners of semi-automatic rifles second-tier weapons must be at least 21 years old and pass an advanced firearm safety class.

They also must hold a first-tier license required for basic hunting rifles and handguns for at least one year.

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Yang also calls for a ban on "high-capacity magazines. Michael Bennet told CBS News the Senate should pass the gun control legislation the House approved in February, which mandates federal criminal background checks on all gun sales. Former Vice President Joe Biden headed the gun task force that led the Obama administration to push for legislation requiring universal background checks in Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announced his support for "universal background checks and cracking down on straw purchases of guns" in an op-ed in The Great Falls Tribune. Former Rep.

Tulsi Gabbard has called on Congress to pass legislation instituting "universal background checks" and "closing the gun show loophole. Former Gov.

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John Hickenlooper calls for "a national system of universal background checks to address the state-by-state patchwork and loopholes. Jay Inslee has sought to further strengthen background checks in Washington since the state's voters passed an initiative in requiring background checks for all gun sales and transfers. Mayor Wayne Messam told the Independent Journal Review he "would push for universal background checks" as president "for the purpose of just ensuring any individuals who should not have a gun, not have one. Seth Moulton was a co-sponsor of the background checks bill the House approved in February and has called for the Senate to take up the measure.

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Beto O'Rourke called for "universal background checks without exceptions" in an op-ed in The Houston Chronicle. Tim Ryan was a co-sponsor of the background checks bill the House approved in February and has called for the Senate to take up the measure. Thomas Steyer has called for a national referendum to institute universal background checks via popular vote. Elizabeth Warren said during a CNN town hall that "we need universal background checks. Andrew Yang calls for requiring all gun owners to "pass a federal background check, eliminating the gun show loophole.

Prior to his exit from the race in July, Rep.

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Short of a national firearm registry, several Democrats have endorsed a federal licensing program for gun owners and purchasers. Cory Booker calls for a sweeping gun licensing program that would require gun owners or potential gun purchasers to seek a license at various local offices across the country. After those individuals "submit fingerprints, provide basic background information, and demonstrate completion of a certified gun safety course," the FBI would then run a background check before issuing a federal gun license — which would be valid for up to five years before renewal "with regular, automatic checks to flag non-compliance with license terms.

John Hickenlooper calls for a "national standard for gun licensing" requiring gun owners to "obtain a national gun license based on eligibility requirements including a background check. Gun owners turning 21 after Hickenlooper's plan is passed would undergo gun safety and storage training as part of the licensing requirement. Jay Inslee calls for "creating a system of licensing and training requirements for firearm possession. Beto O'Rourke said he is "open to" requiring gun licenses. Most of the Democratic presidential candidates have said a decision about abortion should be up to the woman, with no reference to government limits that they would support.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren have so far offered the most detailed platforms on women's health, saying they would push Congress to repeal restrictions on when federal funds can pay for abortion, and prevent states from passing laws that restrict access. Certain Democrats have not always held this position, including Rep. Tim Ryan, who was anti-abortion until Some candidates, like Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, have endorsed a range of ambitious coverage plans, from Medicare for All to more gradual overhauls.

Other candidates who are wary of Medicare for All have embraced those ideas and other changes that would push the nation toward universal coverage. These candidates support government negotiations, international reference pricing and allowing the government to break the patents of brand drug companies so cheaper generic drugs can reach patients sooner.

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Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna , would incentivize drug companies to charge prices in the U. Louis - School of Law. Abstract This report examines the U. Sadat, Leila N.

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The poll features topical deep dives on immigration, the Special Counsel's Russia probe, the "Me Too" movement, and gun control. American optimism in the direction of the country continues its upward trend, matching the highest level since Trump took office. Americans perception of the strength of the economy, as well as their personal financial situation has improved since last month.

President Trump's State of the Union address was met with majority approval.