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To this end, they require a period of reflection so that parties can see what it feels like to be divorced The thinking is that, with the one year period of living separate and apart, families will experience all of the holidays, birthdays, seasons and the rhythms of life that tend to bring out strong emotions. That period of separation also gives parents a good taste of how much communication, cooperative planning, and joint decision-making is necessary when running the day-to-day operations of family out of two separate homes.

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Filing Requirements

Book a Consultation Have a question? In most cases you have to live separately for a year to qualify for a divorce in Virginia. However if you have no minor children and have executed a separation agreement , you can be divorced in six months.

Only Marital Property will be Divided

If you file for divorce based on adultery, you can technically finalize the divorce without the year or six month waiting period, however this may be practically impossible due to the way local courts typically structure their dockets. No, because there is no state of being legally separated in Virginia.

However as discussed above, you do generally need to live separately from your spouse for either six months or a year, depending on which type of divorce you qualify for. Connect With Us. Latest Posts. Curran Grant T. Moher Jason A.

The Treatment of Inherited Property in Virginia Divorce Cases

Weis Steven Goldman Demian J. About the Author Grant Moher, Esq. As a parent, your children depend on child support to cover their basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. Pursuing a divorce is one of the most life-changing decisions a couple can make. The consequences linger for a lifetime…. Thank you to the Graham Law Firm for a speedy and successful court appearance. Your professionalism, guidance, dedication and compassion….

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Virginia?

Cheryl and her staff are fantastic! I highly recommend you consider their services. They are professional, supportive and got everything…. Cheryl and her team are amazing - they always kept us informed about the process, options and potential outcomes. Tysons Boulevard:.

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