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Not necessarily if the car is for export, but the seller must provide a Car-Pass certificate created within the previous 2 months. This indicates the mileage of the car at different dates. If the Car-Pass is not provided, you can request cancellation of the sale.

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Every car registered in Belgium must undergo a vehicle inspection 4 years after it is first registered, and then every year. Prices start from EUR Some countries recognise it.

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  • Check in advance with your national authority to avoid unnecessary costs. It is theoretically possible, but the seller will have to agree and you will usually have to pay. There are specific legal requirements for new cars.

    Private Number Plates, DVLA Registrations & Personalised Number Plates

    In any case, read the contract carefully and only sign contracts you understand. Some traders try to exclude legal guarantee rights by claiming that the contract is a business-to-business contract or that the car is sold "without warranties" only in business-to-consumer contracts would such a clause be considered null and void.

    Make sure that the name of the seller is the same as the name given in the registration document, or that the seller has power of attorney to sell the car in the registered owner's name. If you buy from a trader, make sure that the name of the company is mentioned in the contract and that there is an indication regarding VAT.

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    Deciding what you want the private number plate to say will probably be the hardest thing about this process. We know that a personalised number plate can completely transform your love of driving and make the vehicle feel extra special. Our goal is to help you kick those joys into top gear.

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    To do that, we provide an easy to use filter search. With these tools, finding the best private number plate is easier than ever. In addition to this, we guarantee that you will pay the lowest price for your personalised number plates as we frequently price match to ensure that ours are the cheapest registration plates on the market.

    With years of experience, we are well positioned to handle all of your private number plate needs.

    Even after the delivery, we can provide any support that may be required. We know that upgrading your car in the most practical and financially rewarding manner will give you an extra reason to smile. And we love nothing more than seeing your driving dreams come true.

    Inspecting a used vehicle for sale

    When searching personal number plates, the first job is to find the right style. Over the past century or so, the UK car industry has seen a variety of formats come and go. Primo Registrations gives you the option to tailor your search to focus the results on the different cherished number plate styles available, including:. This provides the guidance and direction required to provide a winning platform.

    When followed up in the right manner, finding the private number plate of your dreams becomes a far easier task.

    The current style of number plates was first introduced by the DVLA in They are very easily recognised, and take the following format:. This is a very popular option for private number plate, especially as there are many different options to make a message that relates to you. Although many others actively wish to stand out from the crowd. When choosing the current style number plate, there are literally millions of possibilities.

    However, the letters I, Q and Z are prohibited.

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    Still, the two-letter two number three letter format leaves plenty of room for creativity. The suffix style number plates originally existed between and They adhere to the following structure:. The suffix style private number plates are very popular as they can be used to display personalised details. Price Negotiable.

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