Class 2 misdemeanor in virginia on record

If you have to drive for a living or are on company insurance for occasional errands, your supervisor probably will not want to find out about a reckless driving conviction. Some companies have rules that require terminating employees based on their driving records alone.

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You may want to discuss your pending case with your supervisor or Human Resources department to find out how a reckless driving conviction might affect your job. You could also find out if a reduced outcome, such as a speeding conviction, would eliminate the employment risks. Reckless driving in Virginia is a class 1 misdemeanor, but what does that really mean? Virginia has three levels of offenses:.

Now think about it: have you ever been asked about your criminal history on a job or security clearance application? Even life insurance applications sometimes ask about reckless driving convictions.

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  • Unlike your driving record, the criminal record remains for life. Virginia has a complicated point system for drivers.

    Inside Virginia Expungement Law

    Everyone starts out at zero. Positive points are good in Virginia. When Virginia DMV gets record of a moving violation conviction, they assess demerit points against you. Every moving violation carries a set number of points, either 3, 4, or 6. Reckless driving carries the maximum number of demerit points for any offense in Virginia.

    Misdemeanors in Virginia | Thomas M. Wilson, Attorney at Law

    If the court convicts you and you have a Virginia license, DMV will assess 6 demerit points. The conviction will remain on your driving record for 11 years. If you accumulate too many demerit points too quickly, DMV may send you to a driver improvement clinic or suspend your license altogether. If you have a license from another state, your home state controls the points you would get. For most states, Virginia will report any conviction to your home state.

    What are the punishments for misdemeanors and felonies?

    The code only lets us know what the maximums are. Class three and four misdemeanors are fines only.

    Class 1 Misdemeanor Penalty Virginia

    Then, we move on to felony offenses, of which there are classes one through six, one being severe and six being the least severe. If someone is sentenced to 12 months they can also get a fine.

    Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer for a Misdemeanor in Virginia?

    If they get prison time, though, they cannot get a fine. For a class five is one to 10 years in the state penitentiary, with the same flex penalty as far as 12 months in jail and a fine. They become more severe as they move into the scope of burglaries, robberies and then rape, murder. Those types of crimes have a different scale starting from one to 20, one to 40, five to 40, up to potential life in prison.

    Virginia is also a capital punishment state. Thomas Soldan: The immediate consequences could be imprisonment or incarceration, a fine, and substantial court costs. That goes for any drug offense in Virginia. They cannot be expunged. There are two main categories of criminal offenses: felonies and misdemeanors.

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    Each carries with it a different level of severity in the punishment you could receive if convicted. There is no statute of limitations on any felony offense, so, if you are charged with a felony, you could be convicted at any time after the commission of the felony offense. Moreover, a felony conviction carries with it other repercussions such as loss of voting and firearm ownership rights.

    Felony convictions cannot be removed from your record and may lead to lifelong hardship in seeking employment and other privileges, so it is extremely important to retain an attorney to represent you if you are charged with a felony. Under Virginia law, there is a one-year statute of limitations for misdemeanor offenses with several exceptions , and thus, in most cases, one cannot be charged with a misdemeanor offense more than one year after its alleged commission.