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While you don't necessarily need to be Catholic to get care from one of these facilities, many will offer Catholic based worship opportunities. So, that may be something to take into consideration when making a decision about senior care. When choosing senior care, many people look at the level of care. Whether you need care for a chronic condition or just need a place to socialize during the daytime, there are Catholic facilities around the country to suit each need.

In regular senior care facilities, faith is not an integral part of the programs and services offered. In Catholic senior care centers, the opposite is true. There is an effort to make faith a visible part of every day. For example, in San Francisco , some facilities offer Catholic-based newspapers that allow clients to keep up to date about what's going on in their church.

Others may offer rosary groups or faith discussions. It's the little things like this that distinguish Catholic senior care facilities from others. The level of care is consistent with other non-faith based centers as well. The cost of senior care is one of the deciding factors for many as they explore their options.

In many cases, the level of care differentiates the cost. For example, many adult day care centers cost less than half of assisted living facilities that require a deeper level of care. Research does not show a difference in care costs based on faith.

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There are a number of different organizations and groups that run Catholic senior care facilities and retirement centers. They include:. Those are just a handful of organizations. Depending on where you live, there may be several others that offer options as well. If you're looking for a Catholic senior care organization, check out the following list. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user.

Request Username Can't sign in? Forgot your username? Last: Probably Neil Diamond. I had to support this project because record shops are a sadly dying breed. I have spent many an hour flicking thru records in such shops, looking for that elusive bargain or rare copy, getting tips off the always knowledgeable owners about some new band that I must check out.

The First and last records […]. I funded the project cos I like the look of the project and I also wanted to support Jeanie. It was green.


The doc combines my 2 passions, indie film making and music. Would buy the film anyway, so happy to pay a bit extra, up front to help get it made. I grew up in a little town where there used to be 4 record shops. There is only one of them left but it is really struggling and might have to close down […]. I feel quite sad […]. We funded the project because we love record shops, and we love independent films, and we love people that create stuff.

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Having spent the last 15 years in music distribution, it breaks my heart that so many shops have closed. The first and last records I bought: I cannot remember the […]. Her camera observes what is, now, without judgement, valuing it for itself, while accepting that it will never be there again. Implicit, in the act of recording, is the knowledge that the recording itself […]. The first and last record I bought: I forgot the first record, but I do remember eating a disgusting amount of sickly bars of Frys […].

I kind of said it all in my article! Last: Hadouken! I think it was by someone called Wako but I might have just made that up. Last: Peepers by Polar Bear, bought at their gig in Nottingham earlier this year. One is because I like to think people working in creative mediums should try support each other where possible — be it financial, promotional or motivational etc… But as a musician who releases records via labels and record shops — both online and on […].

Tom has given me the opportunity to hear music that i would never of heard otherwise. I have met Jeanie twice in the shop and it is fantastic to see someone producing such a human, and worthwhile project. I wish Jeanie, Tom and Sound […]. February 7th, by jeaniequeenie No Comments. I love your celebration of vinyl and all that hisses in this squeeky clean and highly efficient digital world.

What more can I say…………. Records, Records, Records!!! Tom has such a passion for what he does and has survived through hard times. The first and last record I bought: First: Cannot really recall, but the year my mum bought me my first Walkman for my birthday, she also bought me Snap World Power and The Simpsons […].

For me this is a truly worthwhile project which is a pleasure to support and I look […]. I love film and I love music — so the two combined, together with the subject of the closure of a vinyl record shop was a winner for me. Nowadays I tend to buy music online although I still like to own a physical object which is then ripped to mp3 , but I have many […]. It is vital that the big players in music retail not be allowed to dictate what music we buy on the high street.

Music is so rich, and diverse, and emotional, and most importantly personal. It will be a sad day if all we ever buy and listen to is the top 50 albums from […]. The first and last record you bought: Never bought any Vinyl in my life. I loved Goth Cruise and I think Sound it Out will be a great project, personal yet very recognisable for a lot of people due to the nature […].

He diverted me from a predictable, narrow but extremely cosy musical path when I was a teenager, and rolled me about in the dirt on the side of the road, with the help of that bounder John Kay. Record shops have all but disappeared, convenience has replaced that magical, social aspect of record buying and the buzz of uncovering vinyl gold on the quest for that musical […].

Sound It Out is now an institution, not only offering a glimpse of how it was, but a reminder of how good it could have been. I would also like to my son to see the type of place his inheritance […]. All of our players are avid music fans and big supporters of record stores. I wanted to do my part to help you finish your film about Sound It Out, […]. I think it is brilliant to hip people to what is going on with the closing of countless record stores that have brought us so many memories over the years.

I have been collecting for 20 years and the options in my neighborhood are slowly dwindling. Even in […]. Tracks and sound it out have been a mainstay in all my years travelling into Stockton. February 9th, by jeaniequeenie 1 Comment. I first started collecting records when i was 11 maybe 12 years of age its a passion that still burns today! I wish you guys luck.

Any music fan and anybody whose music taste stretches beyond the X Factor should support this fantastic film as it is so important that these great shops survive for without, them music will stagnate and our choice diminish. I decided to join in the funding of this venture because I wanted to see it succeed. This will make people think more about what they have around them.

A fantastic project. I think Jeanie is unique in documenting people and stories outside of the norm which are rarely covered in documentary and film. I know how passionate you are about any project you take on and I do have a love of music, especially Vinyl as I own a Juke Box.

She is documenting a place in any music lovers heart. This is why I have invested in this project. Sound It Out fits into that. Sound It Out is such a great store and the more people that know about it the better. This looks like a brilliant place to make a film — a whole world unto itself…all life is there. The reason I donated to the project is because of my love for music and my love for record stores and vinyl and my hope that record stores and vinyl prosper.

I hate hearing about independent record stores going out of business. And I love to support independent film making, having been involved myself in the 90s in a video training project in Handsworth, where we churned out some flipping fantastic video makers. I spent my formative musical years hanging around in record shops — and although I largely found them intimidating places mostly through no fault of the people who worked there, it has to be said , I owe many of my key musical discoveries to their presence.

I relate to the project as vinyl holds memories.

Publicrecords search tools!

It has something special that goes along side music it holds in its grooves. The memory of the song is matched with the crackle when you play vinyl. I can remember when scratches occured on the vinyl I possess and the parties that they have attended. I have no doubt that Jeanie has the ability and persistence necessary to deliver a delightful film. Unfortunately, vinyl shops are becoming more like dusty old museums.

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  8. This film captures history. Jeanie is an incredible film-maker and the trailer made me want to save record shops for posterity! I wanted to say something about in the dark ages monks kept the light of civilization alive in isolated monastic communities beset by rampaging vikings. Jeanie is a fantastic documentary maker and i think she will take a unique look inside the doors of Sound it Out. I funded this because Jeanie is an amazing director who I would trust with any story and any characters and make them magical.

    February 9th, by jeaniequeenie Comments Off on Jan-Paul Bednarz.

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    UK www. Richard Butchart. Help us go from Teeside to Texas for the world premiere. Directed by Jeanie Finlay who grew up three miles from the shop. A distinctive, funny and intimate film about men, the North and the irreplaceable role music plays in our lives. Buy it. Scott Bradbury online jobs from home.

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